Monday, October 20, 2008

Frozen Delight: Red Car Flavor

I woke up this morning a bit early because Hubby is leaving early for his work in New Hampshire. It was freezing so I kept my booties on. Good thing I already brought out all our fall/winter totes and did a little closet organizing over the weekends.

I haven’t done my groceries yet so I am scheduled to do it today together with my other errands programmed for today like… depositing money to the bank and mailing some letters [my request for [yet another] re-exam for driving test… survey form for Brandon’s case management provider… and bunch of questionnaires for Brandon’s psychological evaluation which is scheduled on November].

From my bedroom window I can already see that the backyard was covered with frost. It was way too early but God forbids… hope it will not snow soon. I already saw in the news that Montana had 4 inches of snow last week and Halloween is still couple of weeks ahead. Oh well, you cannot stop Mother Nature so I can only pray for good weather.

As I approached my car, I saw my poor baby covered in frost too. So I need to thaw it first before I could drive it down the road.

Early morning frost.

My frosted car window.

A frosted windshield.

Red car frozen delight.


Soy said...

I seem to be the only one who enjoy the cold! hehe. Scarves and gloves are a pain but I love all the coziness about it. :) Maybe I'm just saying this because it's not yet cold enough to complain here in England. ha!

ruthinian said...

I understand. But in this household I am the only one who loves winter too. Everyone I know complained about winter last year and I was the only one who had the time of my life in the snow shoveling.