Thursday, October 9, 2008

[fairy] Godmother and Nursing Degree

My friend’s daughter Elise has been working in a Home Care for couple of years now. Though she has no formal training in health care she was able to get necessary short courses provided by the Home and that qualifies her for the job. She likes her work and she is proud of it. This year, my friend said that Elise decided to pursue her college education for a more stable future. And we are all happy for that decision, of course. She wanted to take up Nursing because she knows that it is a very in-demand profession we have today.

Well, as a [fairy] Godmother, I was asked to help her look for the right school so I waved my magic wand online and searched for a nursing school that is close to her home so that she can save on board and lodging. Then we found this cool website that provides lots of information about Nursing. It has list of all the Nursing Schools by Locations and even those schools that provide online courses. They also have lists of comprehensive descriptions of all the Nursing Degrees that each individual schools provide to guide the applicants on what kind of degree suits them. And more importantly, they also have Career Resources page that has important articles to read about the course that provide important information on the career decision they have to make.

My Goddaughter Elise finally chose and applied at Andover College because it’s near her home and work too. My friend was a bit emotional when Elise was finally got accepted but I understand. I know I would feel the same way too if she were my own child.

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Soy said...

When I was little, I thought it's interesting to be a nurse. I think what attracted me to it is the white cap! I went through university without knowing what exactly I want in life. I looked after my grand uncle until he died; I thought I might as well be a professional nurse. But then, thinking about caring for people not related to me, I realised that nursing is indeed a calling. You can't just nurse someone because it's a job; you nurse someone back to health because it's what you love doing. Caring is in my nature but it can't be my profession. In the end, I'm glad of my choice of degree at university. It brought me where I am today - the kind of life I really want. And yes, it took a (fairy) godmother to point to me the direction. :)