Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Popping Gift Idea

Brandon loves popcorn. Hubby loves popcorn especially on Football nights. I love popcorn too because it is one of the healthiest snacks. Given that premise, you can therefore conclude that I always keep ample supply of popcorns in the house. Yep. I always do.

But for special occasions like this coming Halloween, I prefer to give popcorns for my cute “trick or treaters”. I prefer to give them popcorn in those cute “boo” decorated tin cans or pumpkin baskets because they are unique. I prefer to give away popcorns than candies and chocolate bars because I don’t want them to complain about toothache the following day. And those cute kids in wacky costumes love my special popcorn too not only because of the packaging but because of the taste of the popcorn which are made from the finest quality corn kernels and quality ingredients.

But do you know that you can also give popcorn as gifts for other special occasions. I mean gift… as in gift-gift. Popcorn gifts are unique gift ideas from The Popcorn Factory that are specially designed for popcorn lovers. You can even order them in personalized tin cans with your own photo and message to make it more special for the person you are giving it.

So think about it. When you are running out of good ideas for gifts… this is one idea that will surely pop, literally.

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