Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am a Bag lady

I am a bag lady. Yes, I had to admit that I am crazy over bags… purses… pocketbooks [that’s what they call that here in the US for reason I don’t know why]. I have a huge collection of bags in all colors, shapes and sizes. I have bags for different occasions and for different moods. Bags are my babies [aside from my blogs]. I am a bag sucker and I am proud of it.

I am a bag lady. And Yes, I can’t get enough of bags. The word “enough” doesn’t exist if we are talking about bags.

So let’s talk about bags.

When it comes to bags… I know just where to get it. There is a special place where you can find a large selection of the hottest designers’ bags where you don’t have to fight with other women who like you… are equally crazy about bags. A special place where you can find amazing stocks of bags that offers a unique style, an unparalleled elegance and the newest trend. A place you call is an online store where you can find the hottest and trendiest designers’ bags in the cyber-mall.

Browsing led me to discover Rebecca Minkoff handbags and instantly I fell in love with Rebecca at first sight of her bag collection. I fell in love with her Rendez Vous Clutch because of its simple yet elegant style and craftsmanship.

I am a bag lady. And what does a bag lady do when she sees a bag? Yes, your guess is as good as mine. So check out you bag ladies out there this cool website and fall in love again for the Nth time… with the "bag", that is.


Soy said...

I like bags too, but I don't like to carry them. I like to walk with my hands and shoulders free. hehe. Strange, isn't it? But I usually stuff my things in my pockets and I'm off. LOL

ruthinian said...

hahaha. For me, i cant leave without a bag... as if I am naked without it.