Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I badly need a driver’s license

My driving test is just two days away. I am nervous again. This is the second time that I will take the actual driving test [because I failed the first one]… and nothing drives me crazy like this test, literally speaking.

I badly need a driver’s license. This place where I live now is only accessible by private cars. Too bad that is the only means of transportation here. There are no public buses or taxis that you can see. Much less, there are no jeepneys… or tricycles… or pedicabs around [like in the Philippines] that I can hire to bring me to places.

I badly need a driver’s license. The nearest store in our home is 3 miles away. I tried to walk up there one time when I was not in the best of my mood and had a little squabble with Hubby but I wasn’t able to walk back home because I was already tired. I ended up calling Hubby to pick me up and that "call" gave him a chance to laugh at my foolishness.

I badly need a driver’s license. If I want to get a “real” job I need a driver’s license because that’s the first thing they ask when you apply for a job. Of course, they want to make sure that you can come to work regularly to avoid tardiness or worse... absenteeism.

I badly need a driver’s license. I am already sick of staying at home and I want to explore other territories aside from the four corners of my house. So… please pray for me that I will pass my driving test.


Soy said...

You'll surely pass the test. Don't worry. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)

ruthinian said...

Thanks Soy... I do hope that I pass the test too. I need my license now so I can work.