Friday, August 24, 2012

Thank You for the 5 years

Hubby and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary last July 7th. I know, it's already August and this is kinda late. I have good alibis for that.

1. I was away and on vacation in the Philippines.
2. Internet access was slow back home.
3. I was too busy catching up with family and friends whom I have not seen for 5 long years.

Yes, we celebrated our 5th Anniversary apart. I left Maine on the 26th of June and didn't come home till the 6th of August.

Yes, I left my Sweetest here in Maine. It was the very first time we have been apart that long [7 weeks] since we got married.

And yes, I missed him so much. I never thought I would feel homesick when in fact was - home.

Dearest Sweetest,

Belated Happy Anniversary my Sweetest. Thank you for the wonderful 5 years of being there for me. Thank you for the patience... the thoughtfulness... the sweetness.

Thank you for trying your best to do the things you hated because you know that they make me happy. Although there are times I feel that you are doing them just to shut me up. wink*

Thank you for keeping your cool when I am in my usual nagging mode because you know that there is no way you can win. Although there are times that you wished I was the same old woman you married who would just kept quiet in the middle of an argument and cry. Oh how you wish I have not learned how to open my mouth because when I did, I never shut up. LOL

Thank you for saying "sorry" even if most of the time, it was my fault. Although I know that it was very unlikely of you to say the "S" word before, but you were able to learn how to say it because you know it calms me down. You made me feel really special and loved. wink*

Thank you Sweetest for the 5 years. Let's work for the next 100 years, okay?

Love always,

Your Sweetie

Friday, August 10, 2012

Going Raw

Let's go raw. Take every experience with fresh thinking. Take every challenge with new attitude. And take every hurdle with renewed strength. - Ruthi

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I need a vacation... from vacationing

Yes, I'm back. My 7-week Philippines vacation was brief and short. I wasn't able to do all the things I need to do. And since I chose to come home during the typhoon season, it was mostly rainy and soggy. So i was basically spending time at home bonding with my brother's kids whom I miss so much.

Despite the unfavorable weather, my vacation is just as I thought - hectic, fun and enjoyable.

I had the chance to spend time with my brothers Gary and Japol [who took me to different places].

Bonded with my family...

Catch up with long-time friends...

and met-up with new friend.
 Reconnected with colleagues....

and former students...

Got-together with High School...
and Elementary classmates.

Ate most of the food that I miss so much...

and tasted new ones that I will surely miss.

Visited places I have not seen before...

revisited places that had once become part of my childhood memories...

and went back to places that I love to see again.

Did things I have not done before...

and got pampered away!

And now that I'm back home from vacation, I think I need another vacation so I can recover from hang-over.