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Out-of-the-blue Craving for some Thai

It's raining outside and it's cold. I hate going out on this kind of weather. But I'm glad that the snow is all melted away.
Som Tum (Green Papaya Salad)
And when it is raining, I have nothing to do but think about food. Oh, if only I can drive to town to get myself some Thai food.

Do you have 5-minutes?

I have 2 jobs so I work 12 hours a day. I am not complaining. I am grateful because I have 2 jobs while I know there are lots of people who don't have one or even a part-time job.

I work from 6AM to 6PM. That is when the last kid at our Before and After Care Site is picked up at 6PM. If the the parents are late I will be working more than 12 hours.

Being on your toes 12 hours a day can wear anybody out. But that doesn't mean that I should look worn out or haggard or worse - a walking dead. LOL And how do I do that? Just give me 5 minutes.
This is my 5-minute routine which can last for 12 hours. And this wasn't photoshopped either.

Great Suggestions And Advice On Do It Yourself

Lots of people are able to appreciate taking on a do-it-yourself job. If you're beginner you should understand whether you need permits or what the rules are. What's the top option for an individual new to do-it-yourself? Perusing these practical suggestions and thoughts is definitely a great beginning. Love!

Sign Company in Chandler AZ

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Sign Shop in Chandler
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My Beloved Philippines

I am a Filipino even if my passport says otherwise. I may have denounced my rights as a Filipino a couple of years ago to be a citizen of my adoptive country but it doesn't change the fact that I am still a Filipino in my heart and in my mind.

We all know what happened to my beloved country a couple of days ago. It's all over the news. And for us Filipinos living outside the Philippines, we can only feel for them but we cannot truly say if we really know how it feels to be in their situation.

I shed tears when I saw the devastation brought by the typhoon. In my mind, I can rest assured that my loved ones are safe because they are all in the bigger island where they only experience strong wind. I felt relieved to be honest with you. But I cannot rejoice either knowing that in the other part of the archipelago, thousands of people have to suffer and die as a result of Mother Nature's wrath.

I am half across the world right now. The only thing I can do is to pray for my belo…

Steph's Bridal Shower Candy Bar

Last May, my step-daughter married her long time love-of-her-life boyfriend in an intimate family wedding at the Barn. But this post in not about it. (Spoiler ALERT! I will have a separate blog for the said wedding.)
This is about the bridal shower that we secretly planned for her. Her favorite sister H (she has only one sister. LOL) and most of her loved ones conspired to throw her this party. It was well-planned and as expected memorable.
I originally set up the candy bar by the window. But since it was around 4 in the afternoon and the afternoon sun was directly shining through that window, I had to find another place to set the bar up because the chocolates started melting.
And I realized the arrangement is too boring.
The first set up. I made the tags/labels myself that match her Wedding Invitation (Another spoiler ALERT! I will have another blog about the invitations. So watch out!)
The apothecary jar is a DIY that I found in Pinterest.
Who wants melted chocolate? No one, right? …

Only Moen for Hubby

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moen, Incorporated for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
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As a Carpenter’s wife, I know that most of my husband’s clients want to have a home that is unique and the perfect fit for their lifestyle. That is why whenever his clients ask for any suggestion for building materials he would always consider the client’s personal taste and preference. However, when it comes to kitchen, he has only one thing in mind and that is the Moen Kinzel pullout kitchen faucet in Spot Resist Stainless which is available and can be purchased at #Lowes because for him #Moen is the best quality faucet there is in the market. Why? This is why....
Moen Kinzel pullout kitchen faucet's …

Feeling Pretty

I'm doing some kind of makeover in my other blog right now. I was thinking I need to share something I love doing with my friends and readers out there.
This makeover thingy is not actually an original idea that I came up with. In fact I read a lot of blogs and pinned a lot of "before and after" photos in Pinterest on how to do a makeover. And I learned a lot from them so I am sharing that kind of learning in my own blog series too.
No, I am not running out of ideas for blogging. (I am bluffing. LOL) I just want to have something that I can go back to to remind me how to do things when I am in Alzheimer's mode. LOL.
Guess I need to learn how to do my hair too. What do you think? LOL

The Biggest Pricing Mistakes Jewellery Designers Make

Making a living as a jewellery designer is pretty sweet. It’s wonderful to be able to spend your time making something unique and beautiful with your own creativity and then sell it to others who will wear it with pride. Jewellery design is an exciting way to express yourself while earning a living.

However, a jewellery design must not only focus on the creative side of things but also on the cold hard business side as well. In order to successfully make a living as a jewellery maker, he or she must be able to understand the concepts of marketing, pricing, budgeting and sales. No matter how beautiful and creative the jewellery designs are, they will not be sold if they are not priced and marketed effectively.

One of the most difficult aspects of this is determining how to price your jewellery creations. Many jewellers struggle with this, because to them their unique works of art are priceless. However, when it comes down to marketing and sales the jewellery is only worth what the cust…

Getting Ready for Hunting Season

Last weekend, I was enjoying my regular Saturday breakfast-in-bed while watching Good Morning America while my Sweetest was multi-tasking... eating breakfast, watching TV and searching online. Apparently, we was trying to get a hunting license.
Oh yeah, it's deer hunting season again. It's the most awaited season for almost all men here in Maine. Well, I already anticipate it that's why the last time I went shopping at Sam's Club, I got him a pair of camouflage base layer tops and bottom.  See, I don't usually shop for myself. I love shopping for my loved ones too. wink*
Since it is Fall and Maine's weather is kinda cruel, having the right outfit helps. Well, I'm not really too crazy about hunting but since I cannot do anything about it because it's his favorite sports so I might as well accept it. Besides I want my Saturday breakfast-in-bed so much so I don't want to jeopardize that. wink*
The pair of camo was a steal. I paid $11.95 for the tops a…