Friday, November 8, 2013

Steph's Bridal Shower Candy Bar

Last May, my step-daughter married her long time love-of-her-life boyfriend in an intimate family wedding at the Barn. But this post in not about it. (Spoiler ALERT! I will have a separate blog for the said wedding.)
This is about the bridal shower that we secretly planned for her. Her favorite sister H (she has only one sister. LOL) and most of her loved ones conspired to throw her this party. It was well-planned and as expected memorable.
I originally set up the candy bar by the window. But since it was around 4 in the afternoon and the afternoon sun was directly shining through that window, I had to find another place to set the bar up because the chocolates started melting.
And I realized the arrangement is too boring.
The first set up.
I made the tags/labels myself that match her Wedding Invitation (Another spoiler ALERT! I will have another blog about the invitations. So watch out!)
 The apothecary jar is a DIY that I found in Pinterest.

Who wants melted chocolate? No one, right? Unless you love chocolate shakes. So, I rearranged the dessert tables where all the goodies are placed and found the perfect space for my DIY Dollar Store apothecary jars.
Setting up the candy bar at the dessert table is perfect since everything sweet and yummy are at arm's length.
And most importantly, the table is placed against the wall so no melting happened.
Hmmmm... that tag is upside down. Didn't notice it until now.
Now, the tag was fixed. I did notice it after I took several photos. LOL

And the poor chocolates were saved from melting. And if ever they did melt... they melted in our tongues. LOL

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betchai said...

wow, you're all so creative with party ideas, love love it