Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

From a cold place to a warm heart. Merry Christmas to all from the Carpenter's household.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Crazy Little Thing I did Last Weekend

Life here in New England has been a little crazy lately. Well, for the most part of it and I am speaking for myself only, by the way. The weather has nothing to do with it and please don't even dare to say the "S" word. Not yet. I am not yet ready.
Craziness has something to do with the Craft Fair that I finally joined recently. Yes, this is another new thing for me. Last Spring, I discovered that I can do cool stuff with play dough. I was just playing with some kids during the April school vacation when I found myself not only trying to get my kids involved and engaged in artistic activities but found myself a new passion. Next thing I knew, I was at Michael's, A.C. Moore and Jo Ann's buying all the tools and materials for polymer clay art making.
I spent the whole summer molding and making clay arts. That is when I was not running and training for my 5Ks. When summer vacation was over, I realized that I overdid it. I was too overwhelmed with my new-found passion that I became uncontrollable. I made tons of jewelries, magnets, key chains, deco boxes and whatnot. And yes, I also came up with a website for my craft. [Check out sample of my work at my website] Now, I am stuck with it.
So last weekend I finally let the public see the craziness in me. I joined the Holiday Fair and sold my stuff.
Well, I really did not sell a lot. But what is kinda interesting is that, people liked my stuff. I got good reviews and there were people who kept coming back giving me compliment for doing a really great job. And there was this old lady who's probably in her 80s who spent 10 minutes in my booth inspecting each item and whispering "Oh my God" every time she picked an item, then she would look at me and say "You are amazing".
Well, I blame the economy for not making well at the Fair. But I am not really upset about it because it's my first time and I only want to introduce myself to the public. There are some who took my business cards and I am hoping that "customized orders" will be my main thing. So for now, the left-overs will be "Christmas presents" for loved ones and friends. You don't have a choice!