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About ME

Who Am  I? (Hoping you are interested in knowing me better.)

This is another way of getting to know more "About Me". Not that you really have to but this comes handy if someone accidentally found this blog and wondering - who the heck is this Carpenter's Wife? 
So in case you are wondering, here are 12 things that you don’t know about me… yet.

1. Beauty Queen (in my own right… that is). I always believe that I am beautiful and I got my overconfidence from my mom who always thought that I was the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Though I am not a beauty queen material… standing only 4 feet and 11 inches - I always stand tall and proud of my roots and upbringing. Though I don’t have the standard and ideal vital statistics of a model - my 36-38-40 frame drives my Hubby crazy. LOL. And though I can’t walk the runway as perfectly as the beauty contest candidates - I have the ability to accept and be accepted by people from all walks of life.

2. Hopeless Romantic. I used to dream that I will someday find my Knight-in-shining-armor or my Prince Charming and sweep me off my feet. I waited for 42 years for that dream to come true. I didn’t meet my Knight-in-shining-armor or the Prince Charming, but I did kiss the frog that turned into a King - The King of my Heart.

3. Everybody's IT Girl. I was my Dad’s little princess. My Mom’s little angel. My Grandpa’s apple of the eye. My grandma’s sugar and spice and everything nice. My uncles’ favorite niece. My aunts’ little darling. And my two brothers’ favorite sister [because I’m an only daughter and the only sister they got LOL]. I always get things my way. And I always get away with things. Now that I am a grown up… I still get the things my way… even if it is the hard way - with perseverance and strong determination.
4. Ms. Congeniality for Life. I am friendly - user-friendly and friendly user… take your pick. I am easy to get along with. I have lots of friends from the real world and otherwise. But I have a few “real” friends that are for keeps. I have few virtual friends whom I met online with whom I can confide and trust some of my deepest secrets with… secrets that my “real” friends don’t know.

5. I have a Masters Degree in Psychology. But I don’t practice it professionally. And whatever I’ve learned from that degree, only my Hubby and my Stepson are the ones benefitting from it. I need to psyche them up every now and then. It's my way of keeping my sanity in tact and get along with people with culture and beliefs different from mine.

6. World Traveler. I love traveling. I travel alone. I travel with friends, with my brothers, with family, with my husband, and with anybody who are willing to go with me. I love to see different places and places that inspire civilizations. And most importantly, I would love to go to the places that I taught in my History classes.
7. Educator. Once a teacher always a teacher. That's what I know and that's what I feel. I taught in the Philippine Public High School for 11 long years. At present I am an Educational Technician here in the US Public Elementary School. It's not the same but the job description slightly defers. I love being a teacher and I love to share all my teaching experiences simply because those are my learning experiences as well.

8. Photo-Enthusiast. I love taking pictures of all the places I’ve been and people I love. I also love to see myself on photos with those places in the background. After taking beautiful pictures for quite awhile, I came to the stage where I just enjoy being the photographer instead of being the subject. This passion I share with my two brothers.

9. Runner. I may not run fast like a gazelle but I am faster than a turtle. I realized I love running when I ran my very first 5K race I never stop since. And I am hoping that I will be able to run for as long as I can and share my experiences here.
10.  Wife to a Carpenter. I traveled half around the world to be with My Sweetest and sealed the deal in 2007.

11. A Mainer. I left the Philippines to be with the love of my life and move here in Maine. Maine is my home now and the United States of America is my adopted country. I may not look like a Mainer but I know how to be a "Mainah". Well, sort of. I'm still learning, that's more like it.

12. A Blogger. I livebreatheeatpray, and love BLOGGING.

WELCOME to THE CARPENTER'S WIFE'S TOOL BOX where I keep all my "gadgets and gizmos" that help me build a stronger version of ME.


Hi Ruthi! I happened to stumble across your blog and the pictures of Willowbrook caught my attention, as I am from Maine as well, and live very close to Willowbrook. Its not often that I 'bump'into other 'mainahs' online. And then to find out we have a few things in common, our love for photography, and our loves both being carpenters... So I just had to say HI!!!
#7. I been part of that Mam :-) I still remember those research works. You taught us well. Thanks po! :-)

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