Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Weekend Shopping in Chinatown

I was off the hook from blogosphere this morning. Well, I deserve a vacation from blogging to unwind and re-align my brain so I would be able to think straight again. I need to think straight because I need to keep my sanity intact for the sake of the holiday season. LOL

This morning, my friend Medy… her husband David and their daughter Maya invited me to go with them to Boston, Massachusetts to pick up David’s sister Diane at the Boston’s Logan International Airport. We left Maine at around 10 in the morning so that we could go to Boston’s Chinatown and check out some Asian products that we [Medy and Me] are dying for.

Me with Medy and Little Maya at the Logan International Airport.

We reached Boston at noontime and we drove around in circles for hundred times [just exaggerating] just to find a parking space because we don’t want to pay $25 for parking in the parking building. After 45 minutes of driving around in circles we finally beat a Mercedes Benz to a 2-hour parking slot by the side of the road in Chinatown Street.

We roamed around the busy street packed with Asian tourists and immigrants alike. We checked out all the stores and bought some goodies. But the most important aspect of our visit in Chinatown was to find the most coveted brand of beer. [I will not divulge the detail here because I will have another post just on that topic alone].

It was my first time to visit a neighboring US state. Oh well, I’ve been to New Hampshire but since it is just an hour drive from here and it is very much the same as Maine, I don’t consider it as different state. Boston is about two hours drive from Maine but Boston is very much different from the city we have here that is why it feels very different as if I am indeed in another state. And though I love the New England ambience with all those century-old buildings that have a certain charm about it… I also wanted to see modern buildings that I see in some travel magazines. I was amazed with the cable-stayed Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

The Bunker Hill Bridge.

Oh well, it was such a quick travel and I was able to take some good photos, some siopao [dim sum] and other Asian delicacies, had a good time and fun with my friends… and the most coveted beer. To sum it up, my weekend is just perfect for now.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas is not Postponed

I beat the alarm clock this morning. I woke up quite early today because I needed to make that first trip to the bathroom. It was about 4:55 am and it was weird that my MIL is not yet awake at that time [so I thought]. She‘s usually up already by 4am and FIL was already out of the house by quarter passed 2 in the morning to go to work. I thought she was just tired the day before because of the Thanksgiving preparation and was still in her bedroom taking extra time in bed sleeping. It was cold and raining out anyway.

I stayed longer in bed too. I had a headache despite the fact that I didn’t have any booze last night. I don’t drink at all anyway and there is no way that I would get hang-over from cranberry juice which I drink a lot for my UTI. At quarter passed nine, somebody opened the door and I jumped out of the bed and went out of the bedroom to check if Brandon ran outside to play. It was just my MIL and Brandon was in the living room watching SpongeBob.

MIL just got home from Walmart. She got up at 4am indeed, and headed straight to Walmart for the 5am store opening to go shopping. Yup, Black Friday madness is indeed very much alive despite the recession. Black Friday craze is very much felt despite the ailing economy. And Black Friday haze will stay forever because Christmas will never be postponed.

Who Wear the Pants?

I need to buy new pants for Hubby. But here is the thing. My Hubby is a very picky guy. He is very fussy with clothes. He is very choosy with what he wears because he wants to be comfortable in it. Of course, who doesn’t want that? But here is another thing. My hubby didn’t want me to buy anything at all. He doesn’t want me to spend for new clothes. He said that he is all set with his old ones. And here is another thing. His old clothes are really worn out and I do believe that they need replacement now and pronto.

Most of his clothes are work clothes. His work clothes are also his hunting clothes. And his hunting clothes are also his wash and wear clothes. In other words, most of his clothes are all-around clothes. And with the kind of weather we have here in Maine he definitely needs something durable and practical.

His parts are all worn out and he definitely needs new ones. His pants should be something special because he kneels a lot when he is working on the roof, on the deck, and on the house's foundation. His pants need to be made of special material and design too because he also climbs ladder at the workplace and trees in the woods when hunting. That is why I bought him some new Tactical Pants from just like the old ones he has. offers a wide stock of all tactical pants, shirts, footwear and accessories to choose from. Hubby loves tactical clothing because they are durable and made of good quality materials and they also last longer than ordinary clothes. But what I like about their online store is that, shipment is free if you buy over $50 worth of items so I save on gas and the trouble in going down the store.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reason to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is indeed a season to be thankful for. I am thankful that this is my second Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful that I have an excuse to forget about diet and indulge on turkey, pumpkin pie and other sweet desserts. I am thankful that I have finally past my driving test [for the 3rd time] and got my Driver’s License. I am thankful for the continued blessing we received. I am thankful for my new family and my new friends here in Maine. And I am thankful that my family back home is also doing ok… my brothers are doing fine… and my friends are alright.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. And today we will celebrate it again as a family. My 2 step-daughters will be coming for the family meal prepared by Hubby’s mom and dad. Aunt Sally and Uncle Doug will be come too. We will have the traditional turkey roast… mashed potatoes, turnips, squash and boiled sweet potatoes… and cranberry sauce, olives and pickles. We will also have pumpkin and chocolate pies topped with cool whip. And of course, we will also have those cute turkey pine cones made by my Father-in-law as souvenirs.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. And just like last year, Hubby is out hunting with his hunting buddies. Here in Maine… men are usually out hunting until it’s time for the Thanksgiving meal. I can’t wait for Hubby to come home because I want to eat dinner now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Book that will Leave a Mark

I am a bookworm. I love reading books. I read all kinds of book that I get my hands on. I read… read… and read. Reading helps me with my blogging. And I get a lot of ideas for my blogging through reading. In my family, reading is a way of life, and so is writing and now... blogging.

I am always in search of a good book to read. I need to read a book before I go to sleep because it makes me sleep. However, good books… those that are really really good ones that you call “can’t-put-down-books” don’t make me sleep at all because I wanted to finish it right away. And one good book that I recently discovered is The Marks Left Behind which is written by Rick Stickland, who is an African American writer and poet. I found it at Free Black Poetry and I was really amazed how powerful and emotional this book is.

The Marks Left Behind is a collection of Black poetry which is the heart and soul of the African American community. This book is the expression of their endless struggles… their countless pains… their myriad fights for equality… they taste of triumphs… and their continuous battle to achieve freedom from racial criticism. And more importantly, this is also the book of your life.

So are you a bookworm like me? Or do you know someone who loves book? If you do, why not get yourself one or give that special someone this book as a Christmas present. Trust me, this is one gift that will be cherished.

One Crappy Day

Finally I was able to get out of the house today and visit my friend. It was crappy for the past couple of days. It was raining non-stop, too cold and too wet. I just stayed home, caught up with my blogging backlogs, met some virtual and blogging… plurkering… and tweetering friends online. I was in a total blogging frenzy. Up in the mountains and some areas in our state had snowfalls up to 10 inches. Good thing that we were spared. We are not ready for snow yet.

However, I can already smell Christmas as early as now. This will be my second white Christmas. I have been dreaming of a White Christmas since I was a kid. You can’t blame anyone who lives all her life in a tropical country where there is no winter or snow and where year-round temperature never goes down 80 degrees. When I was a kid, the real Christmas for me was snow, pine trees, and sleigh. Little did I know that in reality it only looks good in picture. Little did I now that it is a long, cold and bitter season.

My first White Christmas was indeed very white. It was very cold. It was bitterly cold. And I stayed all day inside the house and just looking out the window and let myself appreciate the beautiful scenery. Oh well, a one crappy day is good enough for now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun, seriously

The good old days of innocence.

I found this in my old e-mails and thought of sharing it here with you WAHM/WAHW and SAHM/SAHW alike. We already know how tough life is when you are doing a balancing act of being a wife and a mother/step-mother. And I guess we do need some reminders that life after all is what we make it. We tend to forget it when we are buried in chores or lost in nothingness. This is remind us that having girlfriends is a blessing and we have to cherish them.

Those were the days... when we didn't care less and knew how to party.

Tips for the Ladies to Survive Routine in the Workplaces and Homes.

1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.
2. If the shoe fits - buy one in every colour.
3. Take life with a pinch of salt... A wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila.
4. In need of a support group? - Cocktail hour with the girls!
5. Go on the 30 day diet. (I'm on it and so far I've lost 15 days).
6. When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.
7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your personality.
8. I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok. They know me here.
9. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.
10. Don't get your knickers in a knot, it solves nothing; and makes you walk funny.
11. When life gives you lemons - turn it into lemonade then mix it with vodka.
12. Remember every good looking, sweet, single male is someone else's ex-boyfriend or ex-husband!

Good friends are like stars.........You don't always see them, but you know they are always there. Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today. Now smile and think about those girlfriends we have who are wasting time at work, suffering from a hangover, or just suffering from work, that might need a reason to smile.

And hope we will stick together no matter what the future holds for us.

There you go girlfriends… let’s have fun. We deserve it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Disability to Possibility

Caring for people with disability is a noble act. But helping them to be independent is giving them the freedom they lost. That is why "The Scooter Store" is the leading supplier of motorized scooters and other power chairs for people with limited mobility because they are in the business of helping and turning people's disabilities to possibilities.

The Scooter Store can work with the patients' doctor to identify their needs and coordinate with their Medicare or insurance benefits to ensure that they are properly cared for. So what are you waiting for, give your loved ones the peace of mind and the freedom to live a normal life again.

The Fan

Sunday nights are football nights. I am a convert NFL fan, I had to admit. Hubby got me hooked.

The Patriots won last night over Miami Dolphins. The score… 48 to 28 was just awesome compared to the last time I watched them played with San Diego Chargers. It was indeed a disaster. Tom Brady was out of the game due to his previous mishap in the field at the start of the season. Matt Cassel was the new quarterback who replaced him and it was the first time I saw him played. The game sucks. The Patriots sucks for they lost to the Chargers. Matt Cassel was sucked 3 times during that game. I wasn’t happy and neither was Hubby.

Yesterday, I tried to watch again. And I was really happy with the way the game was played. Matt Cassel’s performance was just awesome too. He improved a lot. And I can say that he is as cute as Tom Brady. All the disappointment I had before was instantly wiped out. Did I say he is cute? Yeah. I guess he is cute. Repeat… Matt Cassel is cute. [Don’t tell my Hubby I said that, he is already jealous alright. Hahahaha] Oh Geez… He is cute, indeed! *wink.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Groovy Gift… guaranteed

Christmas is inevitable. Whether you like it or not Christmas is coming to town. Whether the economy will improve or not, you have to buy gifts. And whether you like it or not, you need to knock your head off with christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. As for me, I am not that too worried anymore because Shopping Information has all the answers for everything. Just check out their website and you will find some interesting gifts that you may want to consider giving to special someone.

And here is one of those gift ideas that you might want to consider - iPod. Yup, ipod is one of the grooviest gifts in town. Ask anybody specially if you have teenagers, you will surely rock their world quite literally. got all kinds of iPods to choose from. And as for me I prefer iPod Touch. I like it because it doesn’t only store thousand of my favorite music in it but it can also upload my favorite pictures, movies and yes, video games. And I can operate it with just a touch. How cool is that?

Cash or Gift?

It was my step-daughter’s birthday the other day. I didn’t buy her any gift because I was too busy with blogging. Not a good excuse though. I have no idea of what to get her too. It was another unacceptable excuse. And I don’t have enough money to buy her something. That is the truth and could be a valid excuse.

Anyway, I made her a special birthday card. I don’t usually buy greeting cards in store because they are really expensive. And I prefer to give my family cards that I made myself because it’s more personalized and I can choose my own design and do my scrappy thingy with it.

This year, I made her a special digital scrapbook designed card on her birthday and yes, I enclosed some cash for her to buy what she wants. Her father usually gives cash to everyone as gift because he is really lazy to go shopping and wrap gifts. Well, if the gift comes from him... I always wanted it in - cold cash!

Friday, November 21, 2008

the Search for Mr. Right

Life will be too easy if what we want will be delivered without a challenge.

The quest for Mr. Right is not a mere pursuit of happiness but rather... an expedition to experience pleasure in all forms. When all of my friends got married one after another... I doubted if Mr. Right is still illusive or just evasive. And there came a point in my life that I concluded that GOOD MEN ARE NOW CONSIDERED - ENDANGERED AND EXTINCT.

But then no... life is too mysterious yet comprehensible... enigmatic yet fathomable. And I came to realize that I need to be Ms. Right... to be able to meet Mr. Right.

Now, for the million dollar question... AM I MS. RIGHT? In all honesty... my modest answer would be...


(Note: This was written on October 14, 2006 when I still have not yet found the "love of my life".)

All About Surfing… Online and Otherwise

I am not into surfing. We don’t usually spend lots of time in the beach because up here in New England, the waters are always very cold. My cousin who lives in Hawaii on the other hand, spends all their time in the beach. That is why her sons are all into surfing. Her boys are very crazy about surfing.

This Christmas my cousin wanted to buy some surfboard fins for the boys’ surfboards. But she didn’t want the boys to know, it’s supposed to be a surprise. We chatted online and asked me if I know anything about fins. Of course I know everything about fins, I live in New England. LOL. Of course, I surf a lot… on the internet, that is. So I gave her and we browsed together online to find the things she needs. offers an amazing stock of surfboarding supplies to choose from. They even offer custom-made surfboards and accessories that surfboarders will really go crazy about. So if you are into surfboarding, this is your website and everything is just surf away, both literally and figuratively.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Guy Gone Fishing

Photo Credit: News

We have been watching this particular news for almost the entire week now, about a guy who posted a poll in his store about Obama's assassination. It was reported over and over again in our local news and we still watch it over and over again too. [Read more related news here.]

You see this guy Steve, who according to the news is a racist and posted a poll and a $1 bet on when Obama will be assassinated, and who is now getting national attention and uproar from coast to coast… is from around this place. Yes, he is living in this town where we are living. Yes, we sometimes buy some stuff from his store. And yes, my Hubby knows him for years.

I can’t say much about the guy because I only met him recently. But Hubby said that he is really such a nice guy. He is a nice guy… who made stupid decisions… and now he is doomed. The store is closed indefinitely and he has “gone fishing” [that’s what the message he puts on his door when he closes his store] for a long time. Guess Hubby will have to go to another store when I ask him to make me breakfast.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Special Skill for a Special Job

Being a teacher, I know by experience that a lot of kids who graduated from High School didn’t know what course they want to take up in College. Career decision is indeed a hard task because there are lots of things to consider when choosing the right career. However, in this tough economy, there are lots of people being laid out because companies are closing out. White collar jobs are not paying well as it used to. That is why Blue collar job is the new white collar job.

If it is so, it is wise to consider other skills that are very important in all economic situation like in construction field. Because we all know that as long as there are babies being born, there will always be a place to be constructed… a school to be put up… a house to be built. And to be able to get a job in a construction field somebody needs special skill and certification to qualify and get hired.

So if you are thinking of considering a unique career move, The Associated Training Services Network is America’s largest heavy equipment operator training school that can provide the necessary training for people who are interested in learning a special skill like mobile crane operation. Their Program is comprehensive and nationally recognized. Graduates of the said program are prepared for written and practical exams for NCCCO certification. And this means, that they can get not only nationwide job placement but stable career.

So make that wise decision now and think what your future holds in this tough economy.

How to Enjoy Winter in Maine

It already started snowing in the mountain more than a couple of weeks ago. And yesterday, we already have some snow flakes. It is an indication that Brandon’s favorite season will be here sooner than I could imagine.

This year, I am planning to check out some Burton snowboards for Brandon. He likes playing in the snow. And I guess it is time for him to learn a winter sport which I know he would enjoy. Yes, I am getting him a Burton snowboard because a single purchase will also entitle him for a free ride lesson and lift ticket. And that is a good deal, isn't it? This year I am also getting some of our winter gear from because they have lots of the coolest winter stuff in their online store.

If you are a Mainer, you know what it means when it is winter. And when it is winter, it is not just about getting bundled up to keep warm during winter… it is about enjoying the snow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Career... Anyone?

A lot of people already know the benefits of modern technology. More people are taking modern technology to the fullest. And some of them are seriously taking advantage of what modern technology has to offer. With the present economic situation, a lot of people are taking more than one job to make both ends meet. More people have to make big sacrifices to make a living. And a lot of them are not happy and satisfied and yet they have no choice.

Here’s the thing, the present economic situation plus modern technology can make a big difference in one’s life if only he knows how to make it work. In that aspect,it is not surprising that a lot of people are now taking online degree to be able to upgrade themselves so that they can keep up with the present employment trend or fulfill a lifelong dream. A lot of people are now taking degree online not only because it is more convenient and practical but because there are lots of career opportunities they can find there.

And when we talk about online career, is one website that offers a lot of information about online career. They provide with the right information about online career… from online schools to online degrees to campus programs. is your one-stop website on online degree information that can give you the basic answer to your individual career move… be it a career change or a career upgrade to increase salary or maybe… just a nagging desire to study a longtime area of interest.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The old-fashioned way

Christmas is just around the corner. This is the time to celebrate and to remember. This is the time to remember people we love. This is the time to show our loved ones how important they are to us. As for me, this is my second Christmas away from home. This is my second Christmas away from my family. This is my second Christmas away from my friends. It was kinda sad the first time. But then good thing I received some cards and letters from them and that kinda compensated for the homesickness that I felt.

This year I will send cards again to my family and friends just like I did last year. I already ordered my special and personalized holiday cards as early as now from I want something special for them to show how much I really care for them. And since I also send them cards on other special occasions and some letters on "snail mail" every now and then, I also order some Mailing Labels. I love the mailing labels from because they are more convenient. I don't need to write down my return-address. Their self-sticking labels are made from high-quality and colorful materials. They also have thousands of designs to choose from. And more importantly, they are cheap and ordering is fast and easy.

Despite some of the benefits of modern technology, like e-mails and chats… sometimes I still have the urge to do things the old-fashioned way. And with my personalized mailing labels, I know that the person who received my cards or letters know that I am expecting to receive something back in the return address. LOL

Friday, November 14, 2008

There is Hope

The economic crunch is not a bad dream that will go away when you wake up. Economic crisis is as real as the pain that consumers feel every time they buy basic necessities. Economic problem will not be solved by the new President on Day 1.

More people are losing their homes due to foreclosures. A lot of people can barely keep their heads above the sea of debts. And some people are already getting desperate due to high cost of living. And solutions for all these problems may be hard to find but not necessarily impossible. The ailing economy is affecting a lot of people but the good news is… there is hope. There is a solution. And there is help. is one company that can provide the best solutions that people can find online to get the help they need. Debt Relief could be a huge word but is one of the services that offers. And that is what a lot of people need in this time of economic crisis. Financial freedom is not just one of the benefits that you can get from it is in fact, the best solutions to people’s debts. With their “Debt Reduction Program” anyone can be debt-free in a year or two.

So if you are in the same boat as the rest of us, is your best shot. There is hope indeed. Solution is available. And financial freedom is attainable. We only need to do our part to make it happen. And with only a click of the mouse, financial freedom is yours.

I don’t Live in the Box

I’m so tired. I left home early today. I went to DMV to apply for my Driver’s License. I was there already yesterday but I needed more document to prove my residency so I had to come back today.

Today, I brought my Marriage Certificate and 2 signed Affidavit from my Hubby and my friend Medy. It was really a pain in the “you-know-what”. You see, I always use my P.O. Box address when signing any documents because we don't received any mail if we use our physical address. But the DMV guy won’t accept it because the requirement is… physical address. I need to submit a paper that states my name and physical address and not my P.O. Box address because obviously, I can’t live in the box.

So I got to come again today and submit new documents to prove that I don’t live in the box. Finally, everything was alright. I paid $30 for the License Fee which is good for 6 years. Had my digital photo and I’m all set. The Driver’s License will be in the mail in a couple of weeks and I am now ready to look for a real job. Oh well, it’s now about time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Let’s Drink to That

I check Brandon’s backpack everyday when he comes home from school. You see, there is a special folder called “Parents/Teacher Communicator” in his school bag where his teacher puts Brandon’s score paper for the day and other letters or reminders concerning school and our community. The other day, I found this letter which was a warning about lead found in drinking water in our district. I was really worried about it and told Hubby. Of course he was worried too because we get our drinking water straight from the faucet.

Because of that very important and alarming information Hubby decided to search in the internet about Water Filters. Well, he already knows what he was looking for because with his line of work he knows where to find the right things concerning houses and its important fixtures. Then he checked which according to him is the leading supplier of water filters and faucets for top brands like Klean Kateen Water Bottles, Pur Water, Culligans, Aquapure, Everpure and more. He said that they even offer a large selection of refrigerator filters for most brands and a wide range of filtration system from shower filters to whole house water filters. He trusts and recommends it to all his clients because he said that "the company is dedicated to improving the quality of life through the quality of water".

Hubby decided to get ourselves the Everpure residential filter which provides us with purified water every time we open the faucet. Hubby made this decision because for him, making a big investment on our health is more important than anything else in this world. And all I can say is... Let's drink to that!

Movado Watch for Hubby

My Hubby doesn’t own a decent watch. He is not really a watch-guy. But he is indeed very watchful… whatever [you think] that means. But I am a watch-gal. I love watches and I consider it as an important piece of jewelry. I love watches that I feel naked without it. I love watches and I have a decent collection that I am planning to turn into some heirlooms that my future generation will remember me by. Oh well, I really don’t know about the “will remember me by” part. All I am saying is that, I love watches… period!

My Hubby doesn’t own a watch. So I am planning to buy him one for Christmas. Please, don’t tell him. It supposed to be a surprise. It will be our secret. No, he doesn’t suppose to know about it yet. Good thing he doesn’t read my blog so our secret is safe. This year he will have a Movado Watch that I found at It is a very nice watch that I know he will like and will cherish for a long time. I like watches by Movado because they make one of the best watches in the world. And good thing that offers them at low price. I got a real good deal and a perfect Christmas gift for the Love of my Life.

Christmas Gifts Wish List

The other day, my MIL told me to make our Christmas Gifts Wish List so she could start buying our presents. Yeah I know, Thanksgiving Day is only a couple of weeks ahead and soon enough Christmas will be here without even realizing it. Yeah I know, that is how fast time flies. And yeah I know, I need to subject myself again with a lot of pressure that comes with it. The Holiday supposed to be a time for fun and celebration. But I can’t help get worried sometimes because I want to make sure that I get the right gift for everyone in my list.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I love giving gifts. I just hate the rush. That is why I usually start buying gifts right after Christmas. But since my budget is tight this year, I have to make some drastic decisions. This year, I just bought some of my gifts online. This year I got some of my Christmas gifts for family and friends from It is the best way to save money on gas because I don’t need to go to the store. The items are delivered right on my doorstep. offers not only Christmas gifts. They also have Christmas decorations and ornaments that you can buy to make your homes Christmasy. They have hundreds of gift items to choose from and some of them can be personalized according to your preference. This year, I know our Christmas will still be merry even with a tight budget. And of course, I still believe that it’s the thought that counts. But with, your gift will surely give you the impression that you are indeed a thoughtful person.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Of Chinese Food… Pizza… and that damn Driving Test Again

After third attempt, I finally passed that damn driving test. Yahoo!

That driving test took hold of me for quite awhile. It continued to haunt me since the first time I took it and flunked it. The effect of that driving test was over-powering, I even dreamed about it almost every night. The first time I flunked it, it was a-ok. It was not a big deal. It was the first time and I thought it was just alright. But on the second time that I took it and flunked it again, I was devastated. My tears fell right off my face as the DMV guy was writing down on the paper and giving me instruction on applying for the re-exam.

Today, I had a good time driving around and not even felt that I was being tested and observed for my driving performance. The DMV guy who was in-charged was very friendly, warm and accommodating. He made me feel relaxed and comfy by talking to me about other things like Asian History and the things he likes and asking me about my country and other trivia questions. He was so cool that he made me forget that I am actually taking the test. And I guess that made the difference... that made me feel more confident behind the wheel… that gave me the power to take control of my fear and anxiety. As usual I did my parallel parking perfectly like before. He was impressed. I didn’t forget to look over my shoulder as I changed lane. And more importantly, I did the backing up with so much confidence this time.

Oh well, no more re-exam for me now. I just need to go back there tomorrow to apply for the Driver’s License [I didn't apply right out because we were in a hurry, we don't want to miss Brandon's School Bus] and I’m all set. Now I don’t need to dream about that damn driving test anymore. I don’t need to worry about flanking it again. And I don’t need to torture myself again with the “what ifs” and the “whatnots”. And I learned a great deal of lessons from the 3 times that I took my driving tests. But the most important lesson that I learned from the DMV driving instructor was that… there are only two kinds of food in the world… Chinese food and pizza.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Party Ideas… Anyone?

Halloween is over but I can’t take a rest yet. Halloween may be over and yet there are still a lot of things to think about. Halloween is indeed over but my dilemma ain’t over yet. Yup, Halloween is just the start of yet more celebrations to come. Upcoming celebrations are now the focus of my attention. Halloween is over… now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Day.

And Thanksgiving Day will not be complete if I will not be able to make our home feels like Thanksgiving Day. Just like any other celebration, I also like to decorate the house with everything that gives it the Thanksgiving ambiance it deserves… from decorative stuff to linens… from table center pieces to cards… from turkey dinner to desserts. And this is really a hard work. Good thing, I could find help from provides me not only ideas for Thanksgiving Decorations but helpful tips on how to make any celebration more memorable, fun and not stressful. The website has recipes, party ideas, activities, crafts and a lot more that are useful not only for Thanksgiving Day but for all occasions and celebrations as well.

So if you are like me who like parties, special occasions and celebrations and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty just to give your family enjoyable and memorable celebrations, go to and you won't worry anymore about the next celebrations or parties to come.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Left-Over Diva

I fixed myself a hearty recycled Chinese left-over fried rice, egg roll and chicken wings for lunch the other day. Yup, I was in the mood for fried rice and I kinda miss home. Being here in Maine for almost a couple of years now, I can say that there are only few things that I really miss about home… food, food and more food. LOL

I don’t really miss my family that much because I always talk to them almost everyday - online, that is. We always have what I call "Online Siblings Conference" I don’t miss my friends too because just like my family I talk to them quite often online too. So what else can I say? God bless technology. But if there is one thing that technology can't do for me… that is to download the food that I miss back home. So I need to improvise.

And talking about the food I miss, I can say that I can get some of them here at the Asian store or I go to the nearest Chinese restaurant to get an alternative taste and substitute dish for my cravings. So I had Chinese the other day and I have another one today because I am a left-over Diva.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Making a Smart Decision

With all the talks and news about foreclosures and housing problems, it is still a hard reality that people need homes. People need not just a roof over their head but a place to call home. And people need a home that they can afford and not worry about not being able to pay them.

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Is the Price… Right?

Who doesn’t want to be a Millionaire? Who doesn’t want to make a Deal or No Deal? Who doesn’t want to give their shot in The Price is Right? With the current economy, everybody is whining about expenses and keeping everything within their budget. Is it too much to wish for a million dollar?

I just did my grocery this morning. It took me an hour or so to get all the stuff I need. It took me almost 5 minutes in each aisle to choose the things I need to buy. It took me that much time to make a final decision which products and brand names I would buy because “price” is a major concern. This time, I went for the generics than the branded products because they are cheaper. But the most life-changing decision that I made earlier was passing-up on my craving not only to save but to cut-down on my weight.

Oh well, another weekend blues. It’s just another significant day in the grocery and yet another moment to rant. Am I alone in this struggle?

A WAHW’s Friend

For a SAHW like me, being able to earn extra income through blogging makes it not just interesting but fulfilling. Blogging gives me not only a venue to express my thoughts but a way to help my Hubby pay our bills as well. And for that reason it is not surprising that a lot of housewives and moms prefer to stay at home so they can take care of their family and work at the same time.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wifey Renovated Hubby’s Hub

You all know by now that I am a Carpenter’s Wife, if it is not that obvious yet. Hahahaha. And since Hubby is a carpenter, it is his job to build or construct, renovate or reconstruct, and alter or add anything but limited only to houses and parts of the house.

As a wife, I know nothing but managing the Carpenter's house and the Carpenter’s needs. As a blogger, I blog and build and construct website. As a blogger-wife, I build or construct Hubby’s Hub [his business website, that is] to promote his trade. I did a bit of alteration and addition in his website lay-out and widgets. I also did a major renovation and reconstruction on the said website.

The new renovation that I did for his website is changing its title. I bought the website its own domain which is and since the old blog title has a similar name with other website, we decided to get a new name for it. It is now called GREGOIRE Builders. I also changed the old header design, the logo and his business card. Now it has a total new outlook.

And as a devoted wife, I am promoting his website here and will be PAID NOTHING but hugs and kisses as usual. *WINK*

Avoid Vacation Disaster

Winter is inevitable. There is no way we can postpone it. There is no way we can control it. There is no way we can keep it from coming. But there is a way we can avoid it if we really want to. We can go elsewhere to totally avoid it. We could go on a winter vacation in a warm place to enjoy the sun… the sea… and the sand.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

DST Mishaps

I woke up late last Sunday. I needed to wake up early because I need to do my grocery. But I woke up late because I forgot to turn the time an hour back. Daylight Saving Time officially ended last 2nd of November and will start again on the 2nd week of March. Now Maine and the Philippines have 13 hours time difference.

DST is one of the things that I need to get used to here in Maine too. When the days become shorter and the nights become longer, I can very well feel that I am indeed in another place and time zone. My computer and cellphone automatically adjusted itself to DST but my alarm clock has no capacity to so. It didn’t adjust itself automatically so when it did ring at 5am it was already 6am on DST.

A safe feeder for those little guys

One of the exciting things that I love here in Maine is bird watching. I just love seeing birds frequenting our backyard. We have some birdfeeders hanging in some strategic places in our yard like the maple tree near the garage where we usually have our cook out and grilling. We also have some birdfeeders hanging near the windows where I enjoy watching the humming birds every morning having their breakfast while I am having mine too.

Bird watching is such a fun pastime for me. However, I have never realized that the lives of those little birds can be endangered when they are feeding until I saw one snatched by a bigger bird one time. It was so quick that I didn’t know how to react. The poor little guy didn’t even realize the fate he had and it was already too late for him to fly away. It was such a sad scene. Aside from the big birds around, most of the time, the chipmunks and its cousin squirrels are ransacking the feeder leaving nothing for the poor little birds to eat.

One time when I was searching in the internet I came across with and found out about squirrel-proof bird feeders. These high quality birdfeeders are what we need in our backyard so that those birds will keep coming and won’t be threatened by those other prying creatures that don’t only share their food but take those poor little birds as food too.