Sunday, November 9, 2008

Left-Over Diva

I fixed myself a hearty recycled Chinese left-over fried rice, egg roll and chicken wings for lunch the other day. Yup, I was in the mood for fried rice and I kinda miss home. Being here in Maine for almost a couple of years now, I can say that there are only few things that I really miss about home… food, food and more food. LOL

I don’t really miss my family that much because I always talk to them almost everyday - online, that is. We always have what I call "Online Siblings Conference" I don’t miss my friends too because just like my family I talk to them quite often online too. So what else can I say? God bless technology. But if there is one thing that technology can't do for me… that is to download the food that I miss back home. So I need to improvise.

And talking about the food I miss, I can say that I can get some of them here at the Asian store or I go to the nearest Chinese restaurant to get an alternative taste and substitute dish for my cravings. So I had Chinese the other day and I have another one today because I am a left-over Diva.

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Fruity said...

Away from home for too long ain't easy. Food is always an issue