Saturday, November 8, 2008

Is the Price… Right?

Who doesn’t want to be a Millionaire? Who doesn’t want to make a Deal or No Deal? Who doesn’t want to give their shot in The Price is Right? With the current economy, everybody is whining about expenses and keeping everything within their budget. Is it too much to wish for a million dollar?

I just did my grocery this morning. It took me an hour or so to get all the stuff I need. It took me almost 5 minutes in each aisle to choose the things I need to buy. It took me that much time to make a final decision which products and brand names I would buy because “price” is a major concern. This time, I went for the generics than the branded products because they are cheaper. But the most life-changing decision that I made earlier was passing-up on my craving not only to save but to cut-down on my weight.

Oh well, another weekend blues. It’s just another significant day in the grocery and yet another moment to rant. Am I alone in this struggle?

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