Online Dating 101

Years ago, I happened to have so much time in my hand that having 5 or 6 active blogs of my own were not enough to satisfy my thirst to express my nagging thoughts and desire to earn extra income online. So, I did some blog moonlighting stints on the sides for a virtual friend's blog Bizarre Marriage.

Here are some of the blogs I published about Online Dating. Hope you enjoy reading them.

The Wake-Up Call
a lifetime occupation - Posted @ My Refuge Online

Pre-Online Dating
1. The Last Train and Class Reunions
2. The Late Bloomer
3. The Modern Day Quest
4. When You Forget to Smell the Roses
5. The Thing of the Past and the Present
6. Confession of an endangered Spinster (Part 1) - Posted @ My Refuge Online
7. Confession of an endangered Spinster (Part 2) - Posted @ My Refuge Online

Online Dating 101
1. The Introduction
2. Acceptance
3. The Mission
4. The Vision
5. Getting Started
6. The Seeker
7. The Age Factor
8. The Big Plunge

Post-Online Dating

1. I thought it would be easy!

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