Thursday, April 3, 2008

getting cold feet

I arrived here in Maine on the 29th of May last year (2007), a couple of days before my hubby's 50th birthday. He said, I was his most precious birthday gift. I believed him so.

My flights were all on time. Everytime went out alright. I have no complains except that the flight from Japan to New Jersey seemed to take forever. And I was sitting beside two Korean athletes with a funny smell but they were nice people. The long queue at my port of entry in Newark, New Jersy took us almost two hours to pass through strict custom interrogation. Good thing I had 4 hours gap before my last connecting flight to Portland Jetport.

I was on a fiance visa, and as expected, we have to get married in 3 months time or else I will be deported back to the Philippines. Well, 3 months were enough for both of us to think and decide if we are really going to get married or not. That span of time gave us also the chance to know each other more because I had to admit, our long distance relationship is not enough for us to know each other despite the fact that we spent a lot of time online and on the phone. That is not enough for us to know if we were really meant for each other. But we had limited time. He wouldn't let me go and I was determined to stay and be with him no matter what.

It was not easy. We both have cold feet. We were both worried that things won't work out. We were both anxious. We had a few fights before the wedding date and that gave us both a second thoughts. We had a few misunderstanding before the wedding and that gave us both something to take into consideration. But we had a lot of special moments that gave us both the firm decision to go on with it. And we did.

My first lighthouse (Nubble Light). This is my first day in Maine.

With my [then] fiance at the Nubble Light. This is the first day of the rest of our life.

The Standish Town Hall where we got our Marriage License.

Where we got married. The Historical Portland Head Light at Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth.

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