Saturday, January 26, 2008

Licensed to Fish

If there is one person in our household who loves the winter... it's only Me. My hubby introduced me to ice-fishing and since then... I always look forward to it. The only problem is --- one needs a license to be able to fish, legally that is. And so I always end up as his assistant, helping him carry his fishing stuff or dragging the sled with all his fishing paraphernalias or taking pictures, or playing the waiting game. But I enjoy it.

I was also introduced to ice-smelting where we fish inside the warm and toasty shack. I love it too. It was fun to catch smelts left and right when the school swims downstream. I just hate putting the bait on the hook though. The seaworm is gross.

And among other things about winter and snow... I love snowmobile. I learned to drive it and I just love the feeling of the cold breeze on my cheeks... the sight of the landscape... and smell of the air.

And last night... I got my fishing license. I can now fish wherever and whenever I want in the frozen lakes, ponds and rivers of Maine.

I can't wait to take a picture of my first trout or salmon. Or just have another special moment with my hubby holding hands or keeping each other warm in the middle of the frozen body of water.