Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh, Oh, Oh… Vacation

The holidays may be over but the fun should not stop just because the holidays are over. Who said that you can only have a vacation during holidays? Who said that holidays are only the ones that you see in the calendar? And who said that you can only have a fun get-away during holidays? If you think that holidays are too limited, then you are wrong. You can create your own holiday and celebrate it the way you want it. Oh well, of course you have to schedule that to make sure that after the holidays, you still have work to go back to. The bottom line is… holiday is something you can have in your own time… in your own budget… and in your own way.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

how to get a slice of pizza... in Maine

I had a long day today. I visited my only Filipina friend here in Maine and had fun eating rice, orange pork spare ribs with crunchy brocolli and deep fried smelts (the ones that we caught up at Gardiner when we went ice-smelting).

Hubby picked me up at around 7 pm. It started snowing again. Another snow storm was announced earlier so I was no longer surprised. The road was already covered with sleets and we missed the driveway entrance a few yards because the truck slided when my hubby hit the brake. It was really slippery. Then, hubby told me... "go bundle up, we are going down the trail" as he parked the truck in the driveway.

Reluctantly, I layered my clothes and wrapped my neck in fleece scarf. We were about to hit the trail... in snowmobile... in the middle of a blizzard... in the darkness of the night... in the deepest of the woods.Since I come here, everything for me is always the first time. And for the first time in a long while... I've never felt so religious that night than any night since I've been here. I was clutching the heated bars of the snowmobile so tightly while praying Hail Mary's and calling the names of my patron saints and my guardian angels as we twisted and turned and slided up and down into the frosted woods. It was awesome and scary at the same time.

We trekked about 20 miles into the woods in the cold blizzard that night and all of a sudden we found the sign... TO STANDISH PIZZA HOUSE. Gee, I didn't see that coming. We followed the arrow and found the pizza house about 5 miles.We found a dozen of snowmobiles parked in the parking lot. We thought the drive thru was a-okay... but we changed out mind.

Indeed, Mainers have different ways of having fun in winter (despite their constant whining about the weather). And indeed, they always have reason to go out... even if it is to get a slice of pizza.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Click for Love

It’s not a secret anymore that I met my husband online. Modern technology has brought a lot of amazing things to humanity… and romance is just one of them. That is why there are lots of social networks like Free Interracial Chat where you can find people from all over the world and start an amazing relationship. Who knows, your future life partner could be just be a click away.

Monday, February 2, 2009

One Hectic Day

I am a regular fixture at the YMCA now, since I started working here. I have no choice because I worked early morning and late afternoon at their North Berwick school site. So during the time that the kids are all in school, I have a long free time to do anything I want.

So I use my long free time working out in the gym… blogging… lesson planning… chatting… eating lunch… surfing the net… reading… making friends… and whatnot just to kill time.

So far I enjoy it… sort of. Well, I have no choice but to hang out here because it’s so cold out. There are lots of advantages in hanging out here at the Y [that’s how people call the place for short] because of wifi… I get instant internet connection and it’s free. I get to work out everyday and yes, it’s also free. The staff has free membership. I save money because I keep myself from going to the stores and end up buying unnecessary stuff. I meet a lot of inspiring people. And everyday is entirely a new experience. The only downside… I am beat when I get home because I am literally out of the house for 12 hours and I have to drive to and from work for 2 hours more.

Hectic day is the ultimate understatement of the year.