HI! I am Ruthi. I am the Carpenter’s Wife and this is my TOOL BOX.

This is where…
- I put all the TOOLS that I need to build a new life different from what I was used to. This is where I construct new hopes to endure life’s little trials thrown at me and create new dreams to bear the challenges that life has to offer. 
- I keep the GADGETS and GIZMOS that I need to help me survive in this new country that I am living in and to cope with the four different seasons that I need to experience and deal with.

This is all about ME…
- as a FILIPINA WIFE to a Mainer and my day-to-day experiences in this foreign land that I now call home.
 - as an IMMIGRANT who faces endless challenges with culture shock and homesickness and my struggles to keep my roots well-grounded and my desire to grow where I am now planted.

This is ME…
- as a BLOGGER... who needs some breathing space and a refuge to express my deepest thoughts  into meaningful words.

This blog is where I write everything about me as a WIFE, a FRIEND, a BLOGGER, and most importantly, a MAINER.