I am a Carpenter’s Wife. And this is my TOOL BOX.

This is where I put all…
- the TOOLS that I need to build – a new life different from what I was used to… to construct new hopes to endure life’s little trials thrown at me… and to create new dreams to bear the challenges that life has to offer.

- the GADGETS that I need to survive – in this new country that I am living in… the four different seasons that I need to experience… and the new life that I need to deal with.

This is all about ME…
- as a FILIPINA WIFE to a Mainer and my day-to-day experiences in this foreign land that I now call home… my endless struggles with culture shock and homesickness… and my ability to keep my roots well-grounded and my desire to grow where I am now planted.

- as a STEPMOM to a 9-year old Boy with special needs… my daily challenges to deal with his Autism... my struggle in helping him cope with his disabilities... and my desire to help him live a fruitful, independent, and normal life.
 [It is my hope too that this blog will find answers for the many questions in my mind on how to raise him and to help others find answers too from the my experience. It is my desire to give inspiration to families who are dealing with the same issues and find comfort through exchange of knowledge and information.]

This is ME…
- as a BLOGGER... who need some breathing space... and a refuge to express my deepest thoughts  into meaningful words.

This blog is where I write everything about me as a WIFE… a STEPMOM… a FRIEND… a BLOGGER… and most importantly... a MAINER.
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