Friday, February 17, 2012

EAT not?

These may look so yummy but dare not to eat. They are only food for the eye.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chocolate-frosted or Chocolate-coated Valentine's Day

WARNING: To all wives out there... Never underestimate what your husbands are capable of doing.
Two weeks ago, my Sweetest and I were watching TV when the new Valentine's Day Dunkin Donut commercial came on. Right before our eyes a chocolate frosted heart-shaped donut with nut sprinkles flashed like a teasing goddess. And right that instance, my Sweetest told me... "that's what you are getting this Valentine's Day!" And I was like - "Ah Ok."

Well, it was better than last year. Because last year. he didn't get me anything because he forgot it was Valentine's day. LOL.

FAST FORWARD to Valentine's Day 2012, Lunch Time, PTC Room, Waterboro Elementary School: I was having lunch with my colleagues when the Secretary came into the room with a box of flower. It was for the 3rd Grader Teacher whose birthday is today. The rest of us were so jealous. I could tell. Or maybe it was just me.
After a minute the Secretary came back in with another box and announced... "Well, someone didn't want to get outdone here," and she put the box down in front of me. I was like... "Is this for me?" And she said..."Well, I think you are the only person who got that name." So I put my glasses on and read. It was indeed for me.
The "return address" read San Diego, Ca so I was wondering who could it be. I have friends in SD but I had no clue why any of them will send me this box. So I scrutinized then box and it said there - Perishable. Once opened content disappear immediately.
It was from a box of chocolate-coated strawberries from Sheri's Berries... and the card inside read - Love you always Sweetie, Love Mike.

And I can't believe I was expecting chocolate-frosted donuts!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Planning a wedding

Thanks for the post, Kathy Shelton

My boyfriend of four years finally popped the question, and we are getting married next fall. I am so excited about every part of planning our wedding. It is like a stranger has possessed my brain, and all I can think about is picking out everything for the registry, planning the ceremony, looking at invitations, and designing programs. This has got to be one of the most fun times of my life. I mean seriously, how often do you get to plan a gigantic party for all of your closest friends, with the best food and drink ever, and they all show up and bring you a present? It is way better than a birthday party. Since we got our cable television through, I have become obsessed with watching the program “Say Yes to the Dress”. I haven’t picked out my own dress yet, but I am getting close. I hope that there is not so much drama when I actually do go to pick out the final one. I don’t think that I am going to take a huge group of people like those brides on the show. There are too many opinions from friends and family there. I am just going to take my mom and my sister. They know better than to tell me something looks terrible if it is something that I really want.