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He Went to Jared!

Yes, He went to Jared! But a couple of weeks ago he told me that he will not get me any more gifts because he already got me 4 rings.  Yes, he got me 4 huge rings or shall I say "rings for my car". I needed new tires for my car especially this time of the year where the winter road is wickedly dangerous and unforgiving. So I was already all set considering that those rings aren't cheap. But dear Hubby never fails to charm me... both literally and figuratively. So this Christmas... he went to Jared and got me some "charms"... Pandora Charms! He got me birthstone charms for each birth month of my loved ones. He put the bag under my pillow and he passed out... so I got a peek before I went to bed and pretended that I didn't know. wink* Yes, Hubby went to Jared and I got new tires for my car. So, t'is was indeed a wonderful Christmas.

Life - is like a tube of toothpaste!

This post brought to you by Toms of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

I used to feel that life is tough but I was wrong. Life – is like a tube of toothpaste. Yes, when you got that bitter taste on your mouth… just brush your teeth and you’ll soon enjoy a fresh cool breath. LOL
For an immigrant like me, change is a huge thing. When I moved here from Asia, a lot of adjustment has to be made even as simple as using an unfamiliar toothpaste. Why toothpaste? Well, bear with me, I am talking about metaphor here.
Life is predictably unpredictable. Life is full of Wicked Fresh moments, memories, experiences and discoveries and in my case… I had to adapt and blend in. I had to use what is available and at my new home… Wicked Fresh Toothpaste is the universal toothpaste and Wicked Fresh Mouthwash is the official mouthwash… and I have no choice but to use them. Hahahaha
So what’s up with the toothpaste? Oh yes, I am talking about Tom’s of Maine – the leading local company that has been committ…

When I woke up today

So today... I woke up to a cold... no! I woke up to a very cold morning. It was just 12 degrees but it did feel so cold sans the snow. Yes, all the dusting we had the other day was all gone! With all the rain the following day... it all melted it away. Whew!
So today... I woke up today to a nice cold snow-less day. It does feel like winter less the snow. And I am not in a mood to sing "Let it snow." No way. Because the whole day today was a nice cloudless sunny day. Yey!
So today... I am going to go to bed hoping that tomorrow will be another snow-less day because tomorrow... is the 2nd Anniversary of my traumatic car accident... which made me hate the snow. And today... I celebrate my second lease on life.

T’is the Season… for shopping.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before the countdown there is such thing as – the list. It is important that I count down the special people on my shopping list so I won’t miss anyone. Whew, holidays are always tough especially in this tough economy. But the holidays is always about family and friends so I bet everyone wants to make sure that it will be a wonderful one worth remembering without hurting one’s budget.
Good thing I stumbled upon Pier 1Import’s website and found hundreds of stylish and affordable items they have for the holiday season from gifts to candles and fragrance… from dining to home furnishing, accents and décor. And more importantly, they also have seasonal items and special values that can save me a lot of dough. Check them out and you will be surprised how cheap the prices are but not the items because if you will ask me, they are definitely gorgeous.
This year, a new dinnerware set tops the list…

Why am I surprised?

I woke up to this sight this morning. Though I am not really surprised at all considering the fact that it is already December. This is not actually surprisingly ridiculous either because based on my experience since I came here in Maine... around this time of the year we should have accumulated around 10 or more inches of snow. So I am still happy just waking up with a little dusting on the ground even if the temp dove to single digit. Brrrrrrr! It is not officially winter yet but signs are all over the place. This photo above is taken during my very first winter. I remembered running outside the house when I saw the snow falling on the ground. I was so amazed considering that I lived in a tropical country all my life. It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my entire life... so I thought. After awhile I got tired of snow storms...and ice storms... and bundling up... and shoveling... and freezing! That is why, I am just so happy that we only got some dusting today. And hopi…

Say... Lobstah!

I am craving for something yummy the other night. But since I didn't do my grocery a day ahead, I helped myself with yogurt. Well, I can't complain now. Life is tough as it is. I just psyched myself up that "probiotic" is good for my digestive system. Anyway, I was browsing some of my photo files when I stumbled upon these...
Urgh! Come to think of it... I didn't have any lobsters this year. I took these photos one weekend when I was driving my client home from the Apple Festival and we saw a long queue of people lining up around some steamy huge metal square buckets. It was a Lobster Lunch for fund raising. We could have stayed and have some servings of lobsters, steamers, corn on a cob, baked potatoes and yes our famous clam chowder... but my client had a huge fit. So there goes my appetite! Maybe next time.
And oh, by the way... here in Maine... we call it - Lobstah!

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Turkey Day turned Wild

Happy Thanksgiving all!
It was kinda late I know. It's already Black Friday. The most awaited day after Turkey Day. But here I am in my bedroom nursing a wounded butt. I finally had my butt checked and pinched and poked and only-God-knows-what. Ouch! Of all the best time in the world to visit a doctor - Thanksgiving Eve. Yes. Hubby and I were in the Doctor's office on the eve of Thanksgiving Day because I was scheduled to see this doctor for my hemorrhoids. I thought it will be just a quick peek. But my little buddy down there was really sore and swollen and bleeding and needed to be taken care of. I couldn't sleep anymore and I was totally crying all night from pain. So I have no choice but to see a doctor and let him inject botox on my buttocks. LOL. Yes. Hubby was telling many times to see the doctor but yes... I waited till the last minute. So come Turkey Day, I was there with the rest of my family having our traditional turkey dinner but lo and behold, I cannot take in a…

I Got Spooked!

So it's Halloween. And what do people here in Maine do on Halloween?

We go for a ride around town searching for Haunted Houses. [Well, at least for me and my friend we only look around but never get inside.]

We enjoy the foliage. [Oh yeah, we love the colors of our sceneries.]

We love to dress up. [Of course, we want to have fun.]

We get spooked... big time!

Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you got spooked and had fun. And oh yeah... I forgot... we sometimes get surprises like this too!

Apple Festival and my Alibis

Well, I am guessing that for those of you who frequented this blog... you already know that I work on weekends now and been really busy. I also assumed that you already noticed that I have not been posting as often as I used to except for some blogging happine$$$ for reasons we all bloggers know. wink* And that, I have been bad in commenting and blog hopping/visiting other bloggers' blogs who faithfully come here to leave me a message. I'M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT. I WILL CATCH UP, FRIENDS... JUST BEAR WITH ME. And so this post is about something I did one weekend which happened some few weekends back. I had it on file but forgot all about it. So I am posting it now before it really rots good. Fall is in full blast here in Maine. And as I have posted several times across my not-too-many blogs... I went to the Apple Orchards for apple picking and apple cider donuts and hot mulled apple cider breakfasting. But "My Bad" I forgot to tell you about the Apple Festival in Corn…