Saturday, December 4, 2010

Say... Lobstah!

I am craving for something yummy the other night. But since I didn't do my grocery a day ahead, I helped myself with yogurt. Well, I can't complain now. Life is tough as it is. I just psyched myself up that "probiotic" is good for my digestive system.
Anyway, I was browsing some of my photo files when I stumbled upon these...
Urgh! Come to think of it... I didn't have any lobsters this year. I took these photos one weekend when I was driving my client home from the Apple Festival and we saw a long queue of people lining up around some steamy huge metal square buckets.
It was a Lobster Lunch for fund raising. We could have stayed and have some servings of lobsters, steamers, corn on a cob, baked potatoes and yes our famous clam chowder... but my client had a huge fit. So there goes my appetite! Maybe next time.
And oh, by the way... here in Maine... we call it - Lobstah!

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Ginny Hartzler said...

Well, if you didn't get to eat any, you at least got some good pictures that will last long after the lobstah would have been devoured!

Lamielle here! said...

Finally nakapag open din ako ng blog. Anyway, ginutom ako sa Lobstah pictures mo amiga. Sarap nyan! Wala rin akong Lobstah this year. Kakatuwa rin ang name kaya ginaya ko, gud to know na ganun pala tawag nila dyan sa Maine. Ngapala Amiga, pls msgs me ur home address kung okay lang sayo? Hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

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Self Sagacity said...

Are you joking? They look so good! I love seafood- crab season now you know? It's so wonderful this year. Cheap.