Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hurricanes, Phone booths, and Facebook

I'm on vacation right now. After 5 years of being away from home. I finally got the chance to go back and visit my homeland. It was a little emotional but manageable. I was spared of all the drama due to some travel problems like flight cancellations, delays, phone booths, hurricanes, and facebook.
I supposed to leave on the 25th of June but my flight was delayed due to hurricane. Hubby brought me to the airport at about 9 am for my 12:45pm flight but it was delayed to 2:45pm due to hurricane. But since my  connecting flight to Hong Kong was at 3:45pm from Newark Airport, I had to ask for a change of flight schedule for the next day because there is no way I can make it on time.

So there I was stuck in the airport just 18 miles away from home. The next problem occurred when I realized there are no longer "phone booths" anywhere in the airport. Yes, phone booth is now a thing of the past. It's already extinct! I left my phone in the truck and there is no way I could call hubby to ask me to pick me up. A couple of people offered to use their phones but Hubby left his phone in the truck too. So there was no way to contact him or get hold of him until he got hold of his phone. hayyyy

Good thing I had my kindle fire with me and the only thing I can do is to go on facebook to shout "help" as my status on the wall. Soon enough help came. But I was already home cozily tucked in in bed when Hubby got the messages from different people I came across at FB who knew that I was stuck in the airport.