Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Mike

I met him early this year... in a most unexpected place... in a most unconventional way... in a most unordinary manner... in a very significant moment... and in my mind... HE WAS JUST A GUY.

We talk a lot after that first meeting... everyday (except Sunday). One hour... then, one hour became one hour and a half... then, one hour and a half became two hours... and time flies so fast when we talked. But most of the time we dont talk at all. Most of the time we just look at each other... stare at each other... and we are satisfied. "Words are not enough...." as the song goes... and we both can relate well. BOY, COULD HE BE THE GUY?

And then he thought it was time to see each other. NWA was voted to fly him to my arms. Two months booking was not too exaggerated. It was well-thought of... it was well planned... it was too long! Then, the "waiting". We were both impatient yet apprehensive... we were both excited yet worried... we were both crazy! The waiting was so cruel. HE SHOULD BE THE GUY!

And the moment has come! We will see each other for the first time. And for the first time in my life... I was nervous... I was never been this nervous in my entire life. I was too vexed. What if he isn't the one? What if he isn't that nice? What if he isn't that sweet? What if he isn't interested in me? What if? And NWA touched down. OH GOD! LET HIM BE THE GUY!

Two weeks have passed since we said goodbye in the airport. The kiss was as sweet as the first time I tasted it. His eyes were as remarkable as the first time they looked at me. And his smile was as affectionate as he first beamed at me. For a span of two weeks... we fell more deeply in love with each other. For a span of two weeks... we saw the best and the worst in each other... and for a span of two weeks... we were able to accept each other without hesitation... without doubts... without conditions... without limitations. And for a span of two weeks... I KNEW THEN... HE IS THE GUY... INDEED!

(NOTE: This was written in September 20, 2006 after I have met the "love of my life" for the first time)

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