Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Get His Approval

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you love the idea of feeling richer? Can you imagine what you would do with the amount of money you can save by making a wise decision? And what you would you buy with all the savings you can get just from switching phone?

In this tough economy, everybody are looking for ways to save. Everybody are on a look-out for bargains. And everybody will do anything just to ease expenses. We can't be accused of being cheap by make good choices. We cannot be blamed if we want to make good decisions on money matters. And yes, we cannot feel guilty if it means that we have to sacrifice something very important to us.

The time has come for us to make crucial decision. It's time to choice the best thing that ever happen to mobile phone service. Yes, by just switching to Straight Talk, you can get connected and save a lot of dough. Why? Because you can cut your cell phone bill in half! And yes, you must be crazy to be on a contract these days when you can get everything you need without one.

Switching to Straight Talk is no brainer. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Here are some facts to consider:

With Straight Talk…
There are no contracts, no surprise bills and no credit checks. It has great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity. Finally, Straight Talk only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.
Their Monthly Plans:
The “All You Need Plan” meets even the needs of heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data.  The Unlimited Monthly service is only $45, and includes calls, text, picture messaging, and web. Plus, unlimited calls, text, picture messaging and web for a whole year, for only $499.00! 411 calls are included at no extra charge. And free from activation, reactivation, or termination fees
For their International Long Distance:
Straight Talk International Long Distance Service is a flexible prepaid calling service that enables you to make international calls from your home, cell or office phone at low rates.
And their Phone Selection:
Reconditioned phones are available from $10.00 with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth capability. Great for young users! They also have mazing smart phones; touch screen phones, and app capable phones with features like voice navigation, camera, video recorder, music player, instant messaging, and Bluetooth®

Now check out this video from their real Straight talk customers to see my point.

And here is another real Straight Talk customer testimonials to stress my point.

Life is tough but it doesn't necessarily me we need to go unconnected and untouchables. Don't waste time in nonsense deals with other phone companies who are ready to suck your money out to the last penny. Don’t waste your time and decide now. Straight Talk is everything you need to call a friend no matter where in the world they are and no matter how long you want to get connected. Trust me, this is a mommy-proof advise. And as the saying goes mom knows best. And if you have a Hubby who is passionate about fishing – your savings can buy him Hook, line and sinker… and this is everything you need to get his approval on that stilettoes you are eyeing for. wink*

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Regular Weekend Rendezvouz with my Sweetest

I had to admit, I hated camping and gold panning. In fact, I applied and took a weekend job last summer so I can have a valid alibi not to go camping and gold panning with Hubby. But I am surprised with myself that this year... I am always looking forward to weekends and hoping that My Sweetest and I will be spending them up the mountain.
Well, there are many factors why things went differently this year. This year, I started enjoying nature because I can see how beautiful it is when you are looking at it from the top.
And since I started training for the races, I just love running on the trails.
whether it is unpaved... connected by a bridge....
or rocky...
or uneven...
or deep in the thick woods along the river...
that we have to make our own trail...
Oh boy, I am so glad that I got into running because it is  much easier for me to walk, jump or hop from one rock to another up and down the river with 20 lbs [more or less] gas can on right hand and buckets on the other. It's just like weight-lifting on balance beam. hahaha
It's nice to get out of my comfort zone once in awhile where I cook our meals on my tailgate kitchen.
and watching birds having their regular meals of...
And it is indeed nice to be afraid once in awhile so we can both sleep cuddling and snuggle at each others' arms [wink*]
[This is the letter we found on our truck when we came back from gold panning. Someone pass by our camp site and left this message to warn us. So nice of him or her or them.]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Converted Friends

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ever since I switched to Tracfone my friends are already thinking of following my lead. Yes, two of them already switched to Tracfone because they can’t really believe how much I save on my phone bill. Now they too are happy that they made the right decision.

Why not? TracFone does not only offer the least expensive way to own and use a cell phone in America but it also provides great nationwide coverage and excellent reception and connectivity. And just like me, they are happy that it has no contracts that will tie them up to the phone company, no credit checks that may cause embarrassment and no activation charges or cancelation fees that will give them huge surprise when the bill comes from the mail.

One of my friends said that her Tracfone is a big help during the summer because they are always on a road trip so she can stay in touch with me and make me jealous. LOL She is also happy that it costs very little so she was able to get her kid a Tracfone for a birthday present. Cool.

So, you - my other friends out there, are you looking for some help this summer with your cell phone bill so you can fit into your budget that gorgeous pair of shoes you were eyeing at the mall? Are you looking for a low cost phone for your kids so you can check on them anytime when they are way too passed their curfew? Wink* Or are you still in a dilemma finding the right phones to fit your family’s needs?

Well, here are some facts about TracFone that you may help you make a better decision.
Tracfone offers the following:
• Brand name phones from leading manufacturers like Motorola, Kyocera, LG, Nokia and Samsung. Choose from simple "Candy Bar" phones, to Bluetooth®-enabled "Smart" phones.
Monthly Plans:
• Pay as you go online or with cards available at thousands of retail stores across the country.
• 1 year service cards give you so much more. Receive double minutes for the life of your TracFone, and 800 minutes, for only $119.00
• “Double minutes for the life of your phone” is a feature that can be purchased separately for only$19.99, but some phones include it!
• Choose monthly plans with 200 minutes for under $30.00, and as low as $9.99 for 50 minutes.
International Long Distance:
• This is the only wireless service where you can call internationally, for the same price as any other call.
• Call over 60 international destinations directly from your TracFone at no extra cost!
• With the International Neighbors program, you can provide family and friends in Mexico or Canada a local phone number in those countries to reach you at your TracFone in the U.S.
Phone Selection:
• Simple phones for simple needs, calling and texting capabilities for under $10.00
• Great phones packed with features like camera/video recorder, web access, app capabilities, mp3 player, and full QWERTY keyboard, for $29.99

There you go. Tracfone has so many features. If you want to know what are those features that they offer watch this video from these satisfied real TracFone customers:

And if you are not convinced yet, here is another video from another real TracFone customers who can attest to its convenience, reliability and coverage.

Yes friends, life is tough indeed and it's time to make a decision to make it a little easier by cashing in some savings where it is possible. Take it from the real TracFone customers - like my friends and I.

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Friday, August 12, 2011


If you are my friend or a regular visitor of this blog... you should know by now that I am into gold panning. Well, Hubby is. I was just a unhappy camper who just tag along to escape house chores. LOL. And this is what we are looking for in the river when we do gold panning. This is 100% pure gold. Wish we could get a bigger nugget though.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Weekend with the Runners

Yesterday, I had another spectacular experience. It was the 14th TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10k Road Race. It was the race I dream to join in one day. Well, I did try to make that dream come true right after my 1st 5K but I wasn't lucky enough to win in the lottery draw.

Anyway, I volunteered so I will be able to be a part of the event.

Here are some of the unofficial photos of the event.
This is where our Station is - the Water Finish.
It was indeed a hard job.
We laid out 6000 plus water bottles for the runners.
It was awesome to greet and congratulate the finishers first as they approach our table to get their water.
And yes, it was a wonderful and exciting way of spending one hot summer weekend. But most importantly, it was a great way to spend a day bonding with friends and families.

Our Weekend Memoirs

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Friday, August 5, 2011


I went for a walk in the woods one weekend and I spotted these two spotted butterflies.

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