Sunday, February 28, 2010

Salute to Team USA

What a bummer. It's a Sunday. Hubby and I just stayed home and watched Winter Olympic games. Darn! Team Canada beat Theme USA in Hockey game.

Oh well, we all know how much Canada wanted to win this game. It is all they bragging about so it's a-ok. But in fairness... Team USA did their best to bring home the bacon too. So they deserve our moral support too. It's just one game... Team USA and US individual athletes are not just making history but racking medals left and right since the start of the Winter Olympic Games [WOG]so it makes USA the overall winner anyway.

USA won more medals than any participating country in the WOG... even in snow. We beat Canada in snowfall too. hahahaha.

And speaking of snowfalls... OMG! I so long to walk barefooted on gorgeous Miami Beach

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just when you hope it will be a nice day today

I got home late last night. It was a crappy night due to storm. I had a hard time driving home from work because of heavy rain… blinding headlights… and flooded roads. Thanks God my Medical Terminology class was cancelled and I made it to the grocery store to buy milk, bread and eggs.

It is not a nice day today either. I got up early to go to work only to find out that school is cancelled. I received a text message from WGME… a local TV station that text me about “school cancellations” when they have weather advisory in my district. Good thing I have not driven off yet and was still waiting for my car to warm up. So I called my boss to tell him about the cancellation. I was about to go back to bed when he called me back up after few minutes and told me that there was a miscommunication between the school and the TV station. Apparently, school is not closed… there is only a 2-hour delay. Darn! I quickly got in my car and drove off. 100 yards away from the school site… my staff called me and said… "School is closed!" What the heck? I called my boss again and heard him saying… “Yup, you are right, school is closed... sorry about that”.

I hate winter weather! A warm breakfast cooked by hubby… settled everything!

Dora and Spongebob... save my day!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh God... let it be spring!

Time flies fast! I believe it. I hope it is true. And I wish it is for real... especially if it is winter. And when it is winter and the weather is bitterly cold and crappy... I wish it is spring.

Oh how I long to see again new buds on the trees... and pretty blooms... and the grass turning green. And if it does... I hope it will be spring tomorrow and plan a vacation with Hubby.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

E.T. Phone Home

I was a bit touchy the other day. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was because Hubby took a few days off up north. Or maybe I miss home. I haven’t talked to my brothers for quite awhile. I used to talk to them online before but due to time difference and work schedule we don’t get the same timetable to go online. Well, what do you expect? Even E.T. that cute extra-terrestrial in that movie when Drew Barrymore was still a toddler… was homesick when he was left on earth, wasn’t he? He too needed to “phone home”.

Oh well, one of the sad things about being away from home is that you get homesick. And when you are homesick you do want to go home. But when you are ten thousand miles away from home… that is not very practical unless you have a flying saucer like E.T. So what do I do when I feel homesick? I call.

But we all know how expensive it is to place an overseas call. That is why Phone Cards or International Phone Cards should always come handy because it saves me more money. And for that reason alone, I cannot afford run out of those Calling Cards because in case I feel homesick, home is just a dial away.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Take on Friendship

Before I came here… unknown to me… my then fiancĂ© [A.K.A Hubby or Sweetest] was looking for my “soon-to-be-friend” Filipina. Crazy as it may sound but that is the truth.

When I finally came here… unknown to me… he drove me to a nearby town… and my then soon-to-be-husband stopped in front of a purple house and told me… “this is where your new Filipina friend – Medy lives”.

What the heck?


I don't exactly know what Hubby was thinking back then or what was his definition of friendship but Medy... is the only Filipina friend I have here in Maine.

Looking back now… I was glad that Hubby did find me a friend because she became the sister that I never had and my family away from my very own.

Well, I did ask him why he did that in the first place and he told me... "I was looking for a Filipina weeks before you came here because you might get homesick and bored and will change your mind and will go back home and leave me".

So I realized that he thought, with a Filipina friend, those concerns will never occur. I was really touched and happy that it did work out between me and Medy.

And I am happy that Hubby sometimes think of some silly things [that will surely never cross my mind] to make me happy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Missing Hubby

Hubby is up north with a friend since Wednesday and will not be back till Saturday. In other words... this is the 3rd night I will be sleeping in our bed... alone.

This is actually the 2nd time that we have been apart since we got married. The first one was when he had to stay over-night at work in New Hampshire. It was the very first time that I missed him so much. This time it was tougher because he didn't spend only one night away from me but almost half of the entire week. And it is indeed tougher as it is.

On the other hand, this is the time for a real "me-time". This time I didn't have to worry about preparing lunch for him. I didn't have to wake up early to make breakfast. And I was able to spend more time facebooking. LOL.

But I still miss him so much. Tomorrow night he will be here with me again and hoping that he missed me much too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Ok, I guess every blogger in the whole wide cyberworld have blogged about Valentine's Day and the romantic charade that goes with the occasion. I can't blame them. Love is very contagious.

And so, I will write my Valentine's Day version... two days after it happened. Why only now? Well, there is really nothing to write about. Ok... I can see some eyebrows raising now. Valentine's Day for me and Hubby was not what we all expected. It was just an ordinary day for us.

And so, I will write him my ordinary letter that I bet he will not be able to read again. And if you are wondering... I'm all set with that. I'll tell you next time why.

Dearest Sweetest,

So another Valentine's Day passed by. Another ordinary day just passed by without us making a big deal out of it. And another regular day of rest just passed by and we didn't do anything but stayed at home and watched TV. Isn't it very romantic?

No... no... no... I am not insulting you. I am not trying to be rude or something. And I am not mad at all.

Yes... yes... yes... I have to admit. In the past I made a big deal about you forgetting to buy me flowers. I made a big fuss about you not having the thoughts of getting me a card. Or I gave you a he*l when you totally forgot to get me even just a piece of candy on Valentine's Day.

Well, you did made it up to me last year for buying me a "gold heart locket" even if we both know that was an additional bill to you. I kinda felt bad because I know how much we wanted to save for our future and yet you still push that thought aside just to give me something.

This year, I know how tough our finances are and I know how hard you work to keep up with the bills. I know you wanted to get me something but you just don't know what or perhaps, have the resources to get me anything at all. I know how hard you are struggling right now that is why... I tried so hard to understand even if you didn't get me anything. And besides, I know you didn't get the chance to go out to really get me something.

This year, I got you a funny card and it indeed made you laugh. I just love the look in your eyes when you broke into a smile when you read it. And I just love the look in your eyes when you see the gift card I put in it. You know that I have now a reason to drag you to the store to get you a new pair of shoes. Sweetest, you badly need to get a new pair of shoes so please let me bring you to the store.

And yes, even if you didn't get me anything it's ok because I know you really wished you had the money to get me anything it's just that it's no longer practical now. I'm still happy because we spend the whole weekend together. And we seldom spend weekends together lately. But this weekend you didn't work or didn't go to see your friends but instead stayed at home and spent it with me. It may not be a lot but it was too much for me to ask.

I just enjoyed every single minute of it even just to hear you snoring on the bed in the middle of the day or just watching Monk and hear you cracked into laughter. It was too much for me to take in knowing that you badly wanted to go ice-fishing but opted to just stay home and save the money for paying our bills. And yes, the breakfast in bed was indeed a great Valentine's gift already knowing that you did it because you love me.

I love you and hope that we will spend more Valentine's Day together with gift or without.

Your Sweetie

Well, as another blogger put it... Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction... for almost three years of being together... we already passed that stage where we were so love-struck that the only thing that matters in this world is US... now we look towards our future together in the same direction.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog it away

Someone said and I quote "if you are angry or mad at someone... write it". Now, I say and YOU MAY QUOTE... "if you are angry or mad at someone... BLOG IT!"

Well, if you have noticed. I have been writing/blogging [open] love letters to Hubby lately. As a blogger, it is my self-defense from snapping or my way of saving my relationship.

I write him letters regardless of what domestic situation we are in. And by domestic situation I mean... happy, sad, LQ-y, pissy, crappy, funny and whatever-y.

At first when I started writing about the things I wanted to say to him I prepared myself to pour my emotions out. I tried to recall all the things that I wanted to say to him without reservations. And I take time to think about the things that will make him realize certain issues so I will win an argument or two.

At first I only wanted to find a way to vent my emotions especially when I am angry. Eventually I found out that blogging my emotions is the cheapest way to treat psychosis. Then I found myself a virtual shrink that never puts my countless hours or sessions on bills. Finally, there were some realizations achieved one way or the other.

At first I was just trying to fill in posts to keep up with my page rank. But since it didn't do anything good at all and my PR remains "zero" I just gave up but never stopped writing or shall I say "blogging" from the heart.

And yes there is one important thing that I learned from blogging my heart away... every time that I will write about my anger... once I started blogging it... my negative emotions sober down once I reached the 3rd paragraph... and towards the last paragraph I don't feel angry anymore... and ready to forgive whether he apologizes or not.

Moral of the story: It saves us hours of unending and un-winnable argument that will surely make the situation worse that will both leave us more hurt and broken.

Friday, February 12, 2010

No Chinese Tonight because I did the Grocery

Hubby came home a little late from work, tired and sore. I feel a little guilty because it supposed to be a Chinese night tonight because it's a Friday but I was so tired from work too so I didn't stop at my favorite Chinese Restaurant to buy his favorite A8 menu. I was just planning to heat up some left-over but Hubby just had a bowl of cereals so I had some chips and salsa.

Hubby had his bowl of cereals in bed. He complained about his knees and back [as usual] so I rubbed them with his magic ointment after his meal. After few minutes he already passed out and snored his way to dreamland.

I wish we had a few more minutes to talk how our days were but... well, I will just write it down here and hope that he will read it tomorrow.

Dearest Sweetest,

I went to do the grocery today... a day earlier because I remember you told me the other day that you wanted to go ice-fishing over the weekends. I am so excited to go. I know you have your fishing license since December but you have not gone fishing since you got it because you don't want to spend so much on bait and gas on ordinary fishing day. You want to save that for the Derby that you know I look forward to.

I went to do the grocery today... instead of tomorrow because you don't have any more milk in the fridge. I know you need your glass of milk and Oreo cookies every night even if you blame me for gaining weight. Well, I just can't afford not to include Oreo cookies in my grocery list because I just love the way you dunk the cookie in the glass counting seconds before you put it in your mouth. Good thing they come up with a "reduced fat" kind.

I went to do the grocery today... because I don't want to get out of the bed early tomorrow to do the grocery. Instead I want to stay longer in bed with you cuddle up and not worrying about chores. And yes I am also hoping that you will make me BREAKFAST in bed since I made you SUPPER in bed. Wink*

Good night, my Sweetest. I'll see you tomorrow... same bed... one blanket... new morning.

Your Sweetie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you are a woman... I have 2 words for you

No! I am not PMS-ing. No! I am not menopausing... just yet. And heck no! I am not going through another a-rare-case-or-over-the-top-bad-hair day. I am simply going through a woman thingy that I don't have a word for it. Whatever that is... only we "women" know or not exactly. But don't worry moments like these are not a permanent thing. They do come and go.

First of all... I had a flu. Given the condition, I am still vulnerable. Second of all... bills are piling up and need to be paid. and Third of all... I have a class to attend tonight and I had not read my notes. [Note: I'm currently taking Medical Terminology class. Will write about it next time.]

And with all the issues mentioned on 2nd paragraph... I have an appointment today with my radiologist.

Yes... if you are like me... a woman... married and above... [taking a deep breath now] forty [whew]... I HAVE TWO WORDS FOR YOU! pap smear and mammogram.

With my favorite cousin Ate Elvie. I miss her so much.

I had my pap smear last December and my mammogram is scheduled today at noontime. Much to my desire to not go... I just can't. The big C runs in my blood. I have relatives who both died or survived from it. I had my first pap smear when my favorite cousin who took care of me when I was little was diagnosed 3 years ago with 3rd stage cancer of the cervix [and eventually died from it last year]. Since then every married woman in the family had pap smear every year. And when my MIL had mastectomy the year I married her son, Hubby begged me to get a mammogram. Oh well, you got to do what you got to do. Mammogram may not be fun but it won't be fun either if I will not be detected soon.

So to all my women friends... I have another 2 words for you... GET TESTED!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I feel Better Now

I was down with a flu all weekends long and had to call my boss to inform him that I can't go to work Monday. I am feeling better now as of this writing. [Yes, I do feel a little better now because I can now sit in front of the computer without feeling dizzy and falling from the chair.]

Now that I feel a little better I will take this opportunity to write to Hubby again.

Dearest Sweetest,

As I have told you before... I already thanked God for you... NOW LET ME THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking care of me even when I am NOT sick. I know I was a Royal pain-in-your-you-know-what every time you make a slightest mistake like leaving your socks on the floor instead of putting them on the laundry basket even if it is just 3 inches away or forgetting to take care of the trash when I asked you to do it more than 3 times or misplacing the TV remote control and can't find it when I need to change the channel because it's time to watch CSI.

Thank you for taking care of me even when YOU are the one who is sick. I wouldn't know how much pain you are feeling when you asked me to rub your back or rub on that magic ointment on your sore body parts every time you come home from work or just simply passed out on the bed without even telling me how bad you feel that day. But instead you still save your last energy to ask me how my day was because you are thankful enough that you have job.

Thank you for taking care of me when I am sick. I know you don't like me whining but you endure the whole night without making a slightest comment about me whining like a baby because you know that I was not feeling ok. Thank you for rubbing my back even when I didn't ask you to because you know it will soothe me. Thank you for taking more than a couple of trips to the drugstore to buy me medicines. Thank you for getting up to get me drink at night or thanks for asking me if I need a drink in the middle of the night because I know you don't like getting up in the middle of the night. Thank you for that I-am-so-worried-about-you-Sweetie look in your face that I don't see much often except when I am really really sick, I think it's kinda cute. And thank you for asking if I need anything else before you leave for work.

And most importantly, thank you for loving me. I'll see you tonight. Take care and be safe at work. I love you.

Your Sweetie

Friday, February 5, 2010

Vacation... Vacation... Vacation

Hubby and I, like any couple, love to unwind and go to new places where we could be alone and enjoy each other.

Like any couple, we love to go on vacation every once in a while to get away from our routine and do something different.

And like most couples we know, we would search vacation rental websites for some ideas for our getaway.

Hubby and I love the outdoors and one of the outdoor activities that we enjoy most is camping. Camping is fun except from some essential issues that I need to deal with like… the bathroom, the sleeping condition, and of course… the bugs. That is why, every time we plan to go camping we always end up in a hotel because Hubby doesn’t want to deal with my whining. LOL.

Funny as it is, I accidentally bumped into this vacation rental commercial and it reminded me of one of our misadventures years ago. Hubby was not very happy when the hotel reservation we had was not what we expected. Just like in the commercial video, we were not impressed with the kind of accommodation that we got.

That particular experience of ours was a lesson learned. Now, when we plan for a vacation we go to Vacation because they can provide us a more comprehensive idea of the kind of vacation we wanted and enjoy it at the same time.

Valentine's Day is just a week away. This is the best time to check on a romantic vacation with your loved one, so what are you waiting for?