Sunday, February 28, 2010

Salute to Team USA

What a bummer. It's a Sunday. Hubby and I just stayed home and watched Winter Olympic games. Darn! Team Canada beat Theme USA in Hockey game.

Oh well, we all know how much Canada wanted to win this game. It is all they bragging about so it's a-ok. But in fairness... Team USA did their best to bring home the bacon too. So they deserve our moral support too. It's just one game... Team USA and US individual athletes are not just making history but racking medals left and right since the start of the Winter Olympic Games [WOG]so it makes USA the overall winner anyway.

USA won more medals than any participating country in the WOG... even in snow. We beat Canada in snowfall too. hahahaha.

And speaking of snowfalls... OMG! I so long to walk barefooted on gorgeous Miami Beach

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