Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Funny Valentine

Ok, I guess every blogger in the whole wide cyberworld have blogged about Valentine's Day and the romantic charade that goes with the occasion. I can't blame them. Love is very contagious.

And so, I will write my Valentine's Day version... two days after it happened. Why only now? Well, there is really nothing to write about. Ok... I can see some eyebrows raising now. Valentine's Day for me and Hubby was not what we all expected. It was just an ordinary day for us.

And so, I will write him my ordinary letter that I bet he will not be able to read again. And if you are wondering... I'm all set with that. I'll tell you next time why.

Dearest Sweetest,

So another Valentine's Day passed by. Another ordinary day just passed by without us making a big deal out of it. And another regular day of rest just passed by and we didn't do anything but stayed at home and watched TV. Isn't it very romantic?

No... no... no... I am not insulting you. I am not trying to be rude or something. And I am not mad at all.

Yes... yes... yes... I have to admit. In the past I made a big deal about you forgetting to buy me flowers. I made a big fuss about you not having the thoughts of getting me a card. Or I gave you a he*l when you totally forgot to get me even just a piece of candy on Valentine's Day.

Well, you did made it up to me last year for buying me a "gold heart locket" even if we both know that was an additional bill to you. I kinda felt bad because I know how much we wanted to save for our future and yet you still push that thought aside just to give me something.

This year, I know how tough our finances are and I know how hard you work to keep up with the bills. I know you wanted to get me something but you just don't know what or perhaps, have the resources to get me anything at all. I know how hard you are struggling right now that is why... I tried so hard to understand even if you didn't get me anything. And besides, I know you didn't get the chance to go out to really get me something.

This year, I got you a funny card and it indeed made you laugh. I just love the look in your eyes when you broke into a smile when you read it. And I just love the look in your eyes when you see the gift card I put in it. You know that I have now a reason to drag you to the store to get you a new pair of shoes. Sweetest, you badly need to get a new pair of shoes so please let me bring you to the store.

And yes, even if you didn't get me anything it's ok because I know you really wished you had the money to get me anything it's just that it's no longer practical now. I'm still happy because we spend the whole weekend together. And we seldom spend weekends together lately. But this weekend you didn't work or didn't go to see your friends but instead stayed at home and spent it with me. It may not be a lot but it was too much for me to ask.

I just enjoyed every single minute of it even just to hear you snoring on the bed in the middle of the day or just watching Monk and hear you cracked into laughter. It was too much for me to take in knowing that you badly wanted to go ice-fishing but opted to just stay home and save the money for paying our bills. And yes, the breakfast in bed was indeed a great Valentine's gift already knowing that you did it because you love me.

I love you and hope that we will spend more Valentine's Day together with gift or without.

Your Sweetie

Well, as another blogger put it... Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction... for almost three years of being together... we already passed that stage where we were so love-struck that the only thing that matters in this world is US... now we look towards our future together in the same direction.

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