Wednesday, February 24, 2010

E.T. Phone Home

I was a bit touchy the other day. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was because Hubby took a few days off up north. Or maybe I miss home. I haven’t talked to my brothers for quite awhile. I used to talk to them online before but due to time difference and work schedule we don’t get the same timetable to go online. Well, what do you expect? Even E.T. that cute extra-terrestrial in that movie when Drew Barrymore was still a toddler… was homesick when he was left on earth, wasn’t he? He too needed to “phone home”.

Oh well, one of the sad things about being away from home is that you get homesick. And when you are homesick you do want to go home. But when you are ten thousand miles away from home… that is not very practical unless you have a flying saucer like E.T. So what do I do when I feel homesick? I call.

But we all know how expensive it is to place an overseas call. That is why Phone Cards or International Phone Cards should always come handy because it saves me more money. And for that reason alone, I cannot afford run out of those Calling Cards because in case I feel homesick, home is just a dial away.

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