Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog it away

Someone said and I quote "if you are angry or mad at someone... write it". Now, I say and YOU MAY QUOTE... "if you are angry or mad at someone... BLOG IT!"

Well, if you have noticed. I have been writing/blogging [open] love letters to Hubby lately. As a blogger, it is my self-defense from snapping or my way of saving my relationship.

I write him letters regardless of what domestic situation we are in. And by domestic situation I mean... happy, sad, LQ-y, pissy, crappy, funny and whatever-y.

At first when I started writing about the things I wanted to say to him I prepared myself to pour my emotions out. I tried to recall all the things that I wanted to say to him without reservations. And I take time to think about the things that will make him realize certain issues so I will win an argument or two.

At first I only wanted to find a way to vent my emotions especially when I am angry. Eventually I found out that blogging my emotions is the cheapest way to treat psychosis. Then I found myself a virtual shrink that never puts my countless hours or sessions on bills. Finally, there were some realizations achieved one way or the other.

At first I was just trying to fill in posts to keep up with my page rank. But since it didn't do anything good at all and my PR remains "zero" I just gave up but never stopped writing or shall I say "blogging" from the heart.

And yes there is one important thing that I learned from blogging my heart away... every time that I will write about my anger... once I started blogging it... my negative emotions sober down once I reached the 3rd paragraph... and towards the last paragraph I don't feel angry anymore... and ready to forgive whether he apologizes or not.

Moral of the story: It saves us hours of unending and un-winnable argument that will surely make the situation worse that will both leave us more hurt and broken.


Eng said...

oh! i concur ruthi...about blogging your anger away...very effective, a whole lot therapeutic than a verbal confrontation. liked you, by the end of it, venting out negative emotions, i feel a whole lot better! and since i do not go to pubs ( the bar tender thingy) nor have money to pay a shrink neither an anger management corse...i blog it all away!

eng of salitype society

ruthinian said...

@Eng... I agree we save a lot of money and negative feelings and ugly confrontations if we just blog it away. Thanks Eng for sharing... well appreciated.