Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh God... let it be spring!

Time flies fast! I believe it. I hope it is true. And I wish it is for real... especially if it is winter. And when it is winter and the weather is bitterly cold and crappy... I wish it is spring.

Oh how I long to see again new buds on the trees... and pretty blooms... and the grass turning green. And if it does... I hope it will be spring tomorrow and plan a vacation with Hubby.


Lamielle here! said...

Dont worry Amiga, malapit na ang spring :-) can`t wait either. tuloy ka pa rin ba dun sa cousin mo? yung magluluto kau ng maraming foods..hehehehe nakakapanglaway nman.:-)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

It's coming, hang in there! I have a countdown on my blog--so looking forward to spring, although I must admit on the way to church this morning all the snow on the trees did look beautiful!