Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I feel Better Now

I was down with a flu all weekends long and had to call my boss to inform him that I can't go to work Monday. I am feeling better now as of this writing. [Yes, I do feel a little better now because I can now sit in front of the computer without feeling dizzy and falling from the chair.]

Now that I feel a little better I will take this opportunity to write to Hubby again.

Dearest Sweetest,

As I have told you before... I already thanked God for you... NOW LET ME THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking care of me even when I am NOT sick. I know I was a Royal pain-in-your-you-know-what every time you make a slightest mistake like leaving your socks on the floor instead of putting them on the laundry basket even if it is just 3 inches away or forgetting to take care of the trash when I asked you to do it more than 3 times or misplacing the TV remote control and can't find it when I need to change the channel because it's time to watch CSI.

Thank you for taking care of me even when YOU are the one who is sick. I wouldn't know how much pain you are feeling when you asked me to rub your back or rub on that magic ointment on your sore body parts every time you come home from work or just simply passed out on the bed without even telling me how bad you feel that day. But instead you still save your last energy to ask me how my day was because you are thankful enough that you have job.

Thank you for taking care of me when I am sick. I know you don't like me whining but you endure the whole night without making a slightest comment about me whining like a baby because you know that I was not feeling ok. Thank you for rubbing my back even when I didn't ask you to because you know it will soothe me. Thank you for taking more than a couple of trips to the drugstore to buy me medicines. Thank you for getting up to get me drink at night or thanks for asking me if I need a drink in the middle of the night because I know you don't like getting up in the middle of the night. Thank you for that I-am-so-worried-about-you-Sweetie look in your face that I don't see much often except when I am really really sick, I think it's kinda cute. And thank you for asking if I need anything else before you leave for work.

And most importantly, thank you for loving me. I'll see you tonight. Take care and be safe at work. I love you.

Your Sweetie


Anonymous said...

it's very sweet. i should do that often. be thankful every day of my life.
thanks for the beautiful post.

betchai said...

oh, I am sorry, Ruthi, I guess my week had been so crazy I was not able to stop by and missed you were sick. Hope you are a lot better now.

ruthinian said...

@mdewi... thanks for dropping by... i agree with you we should be thankful everyday of our life for blessing come everyday we just don't feel it because we are used to it.

ruthinian said...

@betchai... no worries my friend, i know how busy you are, i was too since i enrolled to medical terminology class. but thanks for your concern... appreciate it. hugs

crizet said...

wow this is cute..appreciating every single day. God bless! ;-)

ruthinian said...

@Crizet... thanks. watch and learn. wink*