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Merry Christmas

From a cold place to a warm heart. Merry Christmas to all from the Carpenter's household.

The Crazy Little Thing I did Last Weekend

Life here in New England has been a little crazy lately. Well, for the most part of it and I am speaking for myself only, by the way. The weather has nothing to do with it and please don't even dare to say the "S" word. Not yet. I am not yet ready. Craziness has something to do with the Craft Fair that I finally joined recently. Yes, this is another new thing for me. Last Spring, I discovered that I can do cool stuff with play dough. I was just playing with some kids during the April school vacation when I found myself not only trying to get my kids involved and engaged in artistic activities but found myself a new passion. Next thing I knew, I was at Michael's, A.C. Moore and Jo Ann's buying all the tools and materials for polymer clay art making. I spent the whole summer molding and making clay arts. That is when I was not running and training for my 5Ks. When summer vacation was over, I realized that I overdid it. I was too overwhelmed with my new-found passion …

Caught Laughing-Out-Loud

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh I love weekend. Who doesn’t? Working 12 hours a day… the weekend is always a day to look forward to. The weekend is my chance to take my sweet time in front of the computer to do my online stuff and hoping that one of my brothers will pop up so we can catch up.

This weekend, while I was waiting for either one of them to get online, I browsed and surfed the net and accidentally came across some cool and funny videos by AmFam - Stand Up For Family. They are stand-up comedy videos by some talented comedians. I watched each one of them and I found myself laughing out loud. Those videos are hilarious. One of my favorites is Mark Viera’s “In the Window” where he talks about his Granny. It was entertaining and utterly funny. It reminded me of my own Grandmother who knew everybody and everybody’s business despite the fact that she is deft. LOL.

As I watched all the vid…


It was one of those nippy November days at noontime...
when I took the kids at work for an adventure walk to the woods. They had fun looking for frogs inside the logs, chasing squirrels and watching wild ducks swimming in the pond.

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The Cuddly vs. the Cutie

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
A friend of mine asked me a favor I cannot refuse last weekend. She and Hubby celebrated their 2nd Wedding Anniversary and wanted to go on a date. She asked me if I could babysit her 9-month old little princess who happens to be my Godchild too. Well, what can I do? I so love the little one to pieces so I said – yes. But there is a catch. Together with the little one, she also asked me to watch their newly adopted puppy from the shelter. That – I cannot refuse too.

So there I was trapped in my home on a nice warm Saturday [where I was planning to go for a run] taking care of a cuddly baby and a cute puppy. It was such a wonderful sight to see them sleeping on the opposite ends of the couch. Too bad, I didn’t have a camera to take their photos. My Sweetest borrowed it the other day.

The awesome sight reminded me of the Puppies vs. Babies online contest where you can vote f…

The One

My Sweetest... at the East Swift river in Byron, Maine where we usually go for gold panning.

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Sweetest Had a Date

My Sweetest had a date last weekend! Yes, last weekend Hubby dated this charming, irresistible, brilliant, interesting and awesome lady that I realized he was flirting with for over 4 years now. It was me! LOL
Well, I asked my Sweetest to go on a date with me last weekend. And yes, he was kinda playing hard-to-get but his stubbornness and football didn't win over my persistence and charm. wink* Glad he said yes because I miss him so much. No, we still live together. It's just that we don't spend more time together now since school started. I usually leave the house while he was sleeping and come home to find him already sleeping.

I work 12 hours now. No, I am not complaining either. In fact, it is awesome to have 2 part-time jobs in this tough economy when we all know that there are lots of people who are unemployed. And on some weekends, he would be out in the woods hunting [yes, it's hunting season here once again] while, I am on the road running.
And last weekend, we …

SuperMom writes too

I had a chance to get interviewed by blogger-children's book writer mom Anna Denskins a few weeks ago. And it was indeed a wonderful opportunity to be featured in her blog. So here I am returning the favor. Here is the excerpt of the said interview.

Your children's book, The Adventures of Smitty looks magically. Tell us about it.
It's the story of a magical island of little creatures called Smilies and the mischievous little main character, Smitty. He's such a naughty boy. Haha!  All the moms and kids I've shared it with have been giving me such a wonderful reaction. I cannot believe it.  I have to tell you how excited I am to finally have a life-long dream come true. Writing The Adventures of Smitty was really about finding a story that I would want to read to my children at night. It has to be exciting but not scary so that my two daughters can go to sleep.  Basically, I was looking for that perfect blend to read to my kids at night and decided, "Why …


This 1930 Ford Roadster is for sale for $16,000. But the memories of countless joyrides it brought is priceless.

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How to Get His Approval

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In this tough economy, everybody are looking for ways to save. Everybody are on a look-out for bargains. And everybody will do anything just to ease expenses. We can't be accused of being cheap by make good choices. We cannot be blamed if we want to make good decisions on money matters. And yes, we cannot feel guilty if it means that we have to sacrifice something very important to us.

The time has come for us to make crucial decision. It's time to choice the best thing that ever happen to mobile phone service. Yes, by just switching to Straight Talk, you can get connected and save a lot of dough. Why? Because you can cut your cell phone bill in …

Regular Weekend Rendezvouz with my Sweetest

I had to admit, I hated camping and gold panning. In fact, I applied and took a weekend job last summer so I can have a valid alibi not to go camping and gold panning with Hubby. But I am surprised with myself that this year... I am always looking forward to weekends and hoping that My Sweetest and I will be spending them up the mountain. Well, there are many factors why things went differently this year. This year, I started enjoying nature because I can see how beautiful it is when you are looking at it from the top. And since I started training for the races, I just love running on the trails.
whether it is unpaved... connected by a bridge....
or rocky...
or uneven...
or deep in the thick woods along the river... that we have to make our own trail...
Oh boy, I am so glad that I got into running because it is  much easier for me to walk, jump or hop from one rock to another up and down the river with 20 lbs [more or less] gas can on right hand and buckets on the other. It's just like…

Converted Friends

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Ever since I switched to Tracfone my friends are already thinking of following my lead. Yes, two of them already switched to Tracfone because they can’t really believe how much I save on my phone bill. Now they too are happy that they made the right decision.
Why not? TracFone does not only offer the least expensive way to own and use a cell phone in America but it also provides great nationwide coverage and excellent reception and connectivity. And just like me, they are happy that it has no contracts that will tie them up to the phone company, no credit checks that may cause embarrassment and no activation charges or cancelation fees that will give them huge surprise when the bill comes from the mail.
One of my friends said that her Tracfone is a big help during the summer because they are always on a road trip so she can stay in touch with me and make me jealous. LOL She is also h…


If you are my friend or a regular visitor of this blog... you should know by now that I am into gold panning. Well, Hubby is. I was just a unhappy camper who just tag along to escape house chores. LOL. And this is what we are looking for in the river when we do gold panning. This is 100% pure gold. Wish we could get a bigger nugget though.

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A Weekend with the Runners

Yesterday, I had another spectacular experience. It was the 14th TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10k Road Race. It was the race I dream to join in one day. Well, I did try to make that dream come true right after my 1st 5K but I wasn't lucky enough to win in the lottery draw.
Anyway, I volunteered so I will be able to be a part of the event.
Here are some of the unofficial photos of the event. This is where our Station is - the Water Finish.
It was indeed a hard job.
We laid out 6000 plus water bottles for the runners.
It was awesome to greet and congratulate the finishers first as they approach our table to get their water. And yes, it was a wonderful and exciting way of spending one hot summer weekend. But most importantly, it was a great way to spend a day bonding with friends and families.

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I went for a walk in the woods one weekend and I spotted these two spotted butterflies.

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Can't get enough. Can't have enough. Enormous obsession to money can buy one more trouble than happiness.

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