Saturday, November 19, 2011

Caught Laughing-Out-Loud

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Family Insurance for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Oh I love weekend. Who doesn’t? Working 12 hours a day… the weekend is always a day to look forward to. The weekend is my chance to take my sweet time in front of the computer to do my online stuff and hoping that one of my brothers will pop up so we can catch up.

This weekend, while I was waiting for either one of them to get online, I browsed and surfed the net and accidentally came across some cool and funny videos by AmFam - Stand Up For Family. They are stand-up comedy videos by some talented comedians. I watched each one of them and I found myself laughing out loud. Those videos are hilarious. One of my favorites is Mark Viera’s “In the Window” where he talks about his Granny. It was entertaining and utterly funny. It reminded me of my own Grandmother who knew everybody and everybody’s business despite the fact that she is deft. LOL.

As I watched all the videos though I found them hysterical, I realized what these comedians are trying to say in a comical way what real family life is all about. It is all about family values. It is all about the importance of family. And it is all about the influence our family in our upbringing.

Old values compared to modern ones are basically rooted in family values. I can understand the importance of having a family and the uniqueness of the family I belong too. And it being put in a very entertaining way is something people can really appreciate especially in this tough situation where family relationship is faced with crisis and challenges.

I love stand-up comedy. And I love family comedy simply because I can relate to it. It is a great way to see my own situation through other people’s take on life and family situation. And American Family Insurance truly brought out the best in family values in a light and entertaining way.

I was carried away by all the videos and didn’t realize that Hubby was already home and watching me with a bewildered face. Well, to save my face from embarrassment I handed him our Chinese diner. End of the story. But I was still laughing [quietly].

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