Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day turned Wild

Happy Thanksgiving all!

It was kinda late I know. It's already Black Friday. The most awaited day after Turkey Day. But here I am in my bedroom nursing a wounded butt. I finally had my butt checked and pinched and poked and only-God-knows-what. Ouch! Of all the best time in the world to visit a doctor - Thanksgiving Eve.
Yes. Hubby and I were in the Doctor's office on the eve of Thanksgiving Day because I was scheduled to see this doctor for my hemorrhoids. I thought it will be just a quick peek. But my little buddy down there was really sore and swollen and bleeding and needed to be taken care of. I couldn't sleep anymore and I was totally crying all night from pain. So I have no choice but to see a doctor and let him inject botox on my buttocks. LOL.
Yes. Hubby was telling many times to see the doctor but yes... I waited till the last minute. So come Turkey Day, I was there with the rest of my family having our traditional turkey dinner but lo and behold, I cannot take in any food. My head was in a roller coaster ride and my tummy was in a somersault mode. I just had half a bite of everything except the sweet potatoes and went back to bed and watched football game. 

But yes... there is indeed a lot I am thankful for. I am thankful for my family [here and back home] and friends [including my virtual BFFs] and of course my work [because not a lot here have one]. I am thankful that I was able to sleep good and drank my glass of milk... bottoms up! And yes... I am thankful that the Patriots rolled over the Lions! Whooo... hoooo!


George said...

I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy Turkey Day, but I hope you are soon feeling better.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I am SO sorry, but you are handling this with wonderful humor!! Your attitude is good! All we can do is laugh, as you have turned this into a quite funny post! We are truly sisters in pain now, Ruthi, because hubby and me were at the doctor on Thanksgiving eve, as well!! We are quite sick and had to cancel all our plans! I hope you heal up quick!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about this Ruthi! I'm glad you feel better though.