Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The #OronaSquad in Maine - Part 1

WARNING: This is a very very late post.

I know I should have written about this important event last summer but I didn't. I was in vacation-coma for the entire year. But anyway, since this summer is not going to be as exciting as last year, I decided to write about it to relive that special event that took place last summer.

Same time last year. I was waiting in anticipation for a special event to happen. The event was long overdue and have been in the planning board since 2012.

This is my 11th year in the US. And since I moved here in the late spring of 2007, it was a constant challenge not to miss my brothers.

My brothers are my partners-in-crime. Being raised by a strict Mom, we practically did all things together and yes, got in trouble together too. It's inevitable.

But communication is not really a problem for us since technology is a blessing but it's different. It's not the same as having them in person and doing things together other than looking at each other's faces in video call.

And so it finally happened. My brothers came to Maine and visited me even for just a short period of time.
Japol @ the Portland Jetport
Japol @ the Back Cove in Portland, Maine

Japol (of my rolling-stone-kind of life) arrived first. We picked him up from Portland Jetport and went straight to Westbrook and Portland for a quick photoshoots while waiting for Gary who was arriving at noontime.
Gary @ the Portland Jetport
The #OronaSquad finally complete @ the Portland Jetport

Gary came a little passed noontime and after a quick selfies here and there, we drove straight to Kennebunk, York, Biddeford and neighboring towns for more selfies.
My partners-in-crime in Kennebunkport
Gary in Biddeport Train Station
Also in Biddeford Train Station
The #OronaSquad with Ex-President Bush's Vacation House in Kennebunkport
My partners-in-crime @ the Wedding Cake House
The #OronaSquad and the Hub in front of Nubble Light in Cape Neddick.

The following day, we celebrated the 4th of July in New Hampshire on board the Scenic View Train and right after spent the late afternoon with Gary's co-worker in China who happened to be on vacation in Maine too.
Gary with his co-worker.

Then, we went home and went to bed early because the following day was our 5-day Tour of East Coast.

Yes, We didn't waste time because we are on a mission to see as much places as possible because their time was so limited.

This is another blog post for Mainely MAINE. Mainely MAINE is a regular post here in RuthinianGregoire: The Carpenter's Wife Chronicle which is all about MAINE, my beautiful adoptive home. It is all about the sight of Maine, the taste of Maine, the sound of Maine, the touch of Maine, the scent of Maine and everything Maine.

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