Friday, April 11, 2008

Hubby got me a new "baby"

My Hubby still can't get over his old GMC Sierra. Well, you already know about it. Anyway, whether he likes it or not, he has to get over it. But he needs a ride. He can't go to work without a vehicle. And since good o'l Sierra died down, he was playing hootie for a couple of days.

And so we went shopping a couple of days back. We went shopping for a new car. We went to get a new ride. But much to my surprised, this new car the he got is not for him. It is for me. The new "baby" is for me. He will just need the new "baby" to go to work while good o'l Sierra undergo extreme make-over.

Hubby still can't get over his old GMC Sierra. He bought the new car so that he can have his old "baby" towed away to the repair shop and get revived. He will have his old "baby" hauled away. And he will have his old "baby" rolled down the road again.

And so, I have a new "baby". It's a 2008 TOYOTA SCION xD. It's the cutest car I have ever seen. I love it because I can see the road behind the wheel. I love it because I can reach the pedal. I love it because it is pint size.

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Shimumsy said...

that is a cute baby and red is a nice color.