Thursday, April 10, 2008

my hubby's "baby"... broke down!

My hubby's GMC Sierra finally died on him. He had this baby for over 10 years now and I can see in his eyes how bad he felt about it. It was his trusted friend, his most loyal companion and his silent witness to all his secret encounters with "God-only-knows-who-or-what-and-when".

After long years of good service, countless fun and adventures under the sun, and 300,000 mileage of runabout, it finally gave up. It finally broke down. It finally died on him.

I know it was not that easy. I began to love this "baby" too, despite the fact that it is always un-kept. Well, don't look at me. It's my hubby's baby. And it is his business to keep it clean. But then, I can't count on him. What do you expect? A carpenter always keeps his tools (and garbage) beside him. They're all over the cabin, on my seat, under my seat, behind my seat and all over where you can find space. I am not really proud. But he has no time for that. He just grabs his tools, works and yanks them back after and takes off.

I love this baby too because we always have it with us when we go camping, gold panning, tourmaline mining, hiking and ice-fishing. It was able to climb Mt. Washington and the Cathedral Ledge at New Hampshire.

But the years finally took its toll on it. It finally died on him and now parked in the driveway side by side with our beat-up and rusting but still reliable plow truck.

But, old automobile don’t die, as they say… THEY JUST HAUL AWAY.


Dexter Francois said...

Hey Ruthie. I like the new blog. I look forward to many great stories from all your escapades. I'll be visiting.

Many Blessings!

ruthinian said...

Thanks my friend. I appreciate it. Take care and see ya around.