Tuesday, April 15, 2008

christmas shopping in March

(I wrote this for my myLot discussion last March. I decided to publish this here because I got lots of responses for this and this will remind me of my obligation for the people I love.)

I know it sounds crazy. Christmas is still 9 months away. It is still winter here and you might think... "what the heck is she talking about Christmas this early? The fruit cake in the ref has not been touched yet!" LOL.

Well, it's normal to me. I start shopping for Christmas gifts as early as "after New Year's Day". Yup, when people are all taking their time out of shopping. When people are still unwrapping their gifts and some are still receiving gifts.

Why? Because...
1. There are lots of sale all over the place and we are not talking about 50% off... it is always 75% or more on almost all items. I saves me a lot of money.
2. There are less people shopping. I hate crowd that is why it is more convenient to me.
3. There is no line in the cashier. Again, it is more convenient. I hate waiting.
4. It saves me a lot of worries when Christmas comes. Now I only forcus on the food and other stuff for the stockings.
5. I get to relax on Christmas season, when all the people are frantic and crazy and panicking, I am enjoying a day in a Spa. LOL

Well, it sounds really crazy but I do it anyway, and I love it.

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p said...

not crazy at all. i did my christmas shopping the day after christmas. =P