Wednesday, April 23, 2008

driving me crazy

Yesterday, I took the driving written test at DMV office in Portland. I passed it and I finally have my driving permit. I can now drive my "baby" around with [of course], strict supervision of my instructor cum Hubby. The permit is good for 18 months and I got to take the actual driving test before it expires or else I will re-take the written exam.

It was not that hard to drive here in Maine. Somehow, I already know a bit about driving since I took a driving lesson back home about 3 or so years ago. But that one is irrelevant now. My Hubby kept picking on me how I got my Driver's license in the Philippines. He said that I got it from the "black market". I didn't, of course, I insist.

But then, come to think of it. I took the written test and passed it with flying colors. Why can't I, the guy gave me the questionnaire together with the answers and told me casually, "Here are the answers, just don't copy everything and make some wrong answers so that it will not be perfect." What the heck? I got my Student Driver's Permit and after 3 months applied for the Non-Professional Driver's License and got it. I didn't even took the actual driving test. So, I already have my Driver's License for 6 years before I actually learned to drive. Isn't it crazy?

Now, I had to do it the right way. I am not complaining. I got to be a responsible citizen of my adoptive country where I live now.

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