Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reason to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is indeed a season to be thankful for. I am thankful that this is my second Thanksgiving Day. I am thankful that I have an excuse to forget about diet and indulge on turkey, pumpkin pie and other sweet desserts. I am thankful that I have finally past my driving test [for the 3rd time] and got my Driver’s License. I am thankful for the continued blessing we received. I am thankful for my new family and my new friends here in Maine. And I am thankful that my family back home is also doing ok… my brothers are doing fine… and my friends are alright.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. And today we will celebrate it again as a family. My 2 step-daughters will be coming for the family meal prepared by Hubby’s mom and dad. Aunt Sally and Uncle Doug will be come too. We will have the traditional turkey roast… mashed potatoes, turnips, squash and boiled sweet potatoes… and cranberry sauce, olives and pickles. We will also have pumpkin and chocolate pies topped with cool whip. And of course, we will also have those cute turkey pine cones made by my Father-in-law as souvenirs.

Today is Thanksgiving Day. And just like last year, Hubby is out hunting with his hunting buddies. Here in Maine… men are usually out hunting until it’s time for the Thanksgiving meal. I can’t wait for Hubby to come home because I want to eat dinner now.

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