Friday, November 21, 2008

the Search for Mr. Right

Life will be too easy if what we want will be delivered without a challenge.

The quest for Mr. Right is not a mere pursuit of happiness but rather... an expedition to experience pleasure in all forms. When all of my friends got married one after another... I doubted if Mr. Right is still illusive or just evasive. And there came a point in my life that I concluded that GOOD MEN ARE NOW CONSIDERED - ENDANGERED AND EXTINCT.

But then no... life is too mysterious yet comprehensible... enigmatic yet fathomable. And I came to realize that I need to be Ms. Right... to be able to meet Mr. Right.

Now, for the million dollar question... AM I MS. RIGHT? In all honesty... my modest answer would be...


(Note: This was written on October 14, 2006 when I still have not yet found the "love of my life".)

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