Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wifey Renovated Hubby’s Hub

You all know by now that I am a Carpenter’s Wife, if it is not that obvious yet. Hahahaha. And since Hubby is a carpenter, it is his job to build or construct, renovate or reconstruct, and alter or add anything but limited only to houses and parts of the house.

As a wife, I know nothing but managing the Carpenter's house and the Carpenter’s needs. As a blogger, I blog and build and construct website. As a blogger-wife, I build or construct Hubby’s Hub [his business website, that is] to promote his trade. I did a bit of alteration and addition in his website lay-out and widgets. I also did a major renovation and reconstruction on the said website.

The new renovation that I did for his website is changing its title. I bought the website its own domain which is www.gregoirebuilders.com and since the old blog title has a similar name with other website, we decided to get a new name for it. It is now called GREGOIRE Builders. I also changed the old header design, the logo and his business card. Now it has a total new outlook.

And as a devoted wife, I am promoting his website here and will be PAID NOTHING but hugs and kisses as usual. *WINK*

1 comment:

Soy said...

That's a fab header. Direct to the point. It tells you what exactly the business is.

The business is lucky because it doesn't have to pay somebody to tweak the site for them! hehe. You should charge a professional fee. hehe