Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Guy Gone Fishing

Photo Credit: News

We have been watching this particular news for almost the entire week now, about a guy who posted a poll in his store about Obama's assassination. It was reported over and over again in our local news and we still watch it over and over again too. [Read more related news here.]

You see this guy Steve, who according to the news is a racist and posted a poll and a $1 bet on when Obama will be assassinated, and who is now getting national attention and uproar from coast to coast… is from around this place. Yes, he is living in this town where we are living. Yes, we sometimes buy some stuff from his store. And yes, my Hubby knows him for years.

I can’t say much about the guy because I only met him recently. But Hubby said that he is really such a nice guy. He is a nice guy… who made stupid decisions… and now he is doomed. The store is closed indefinitely and he has “gone fishing” [that’s what the message he puts on his door when he closes his store] for a long time. Guess Hubby will have to go to another store when I ask him to make me breakfast.

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