Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Crappy Day

Finally I was able to get out of the house today and visit my friend. It was crappy for the past couple of days. It was raining non-stop, too cold and too wet. I just stayed home, caught up with my blogging backlogs, met some virtual and blogging… plurkering… and tweetering friends online. I was in a total blogging frenzy. Up in the mountains and some areas in our state had snowfalls up to 10 inches. Good thing that we were spared. We are not ready for snow yet.

However, I can already smell Christmas as early as now. This will be my second white Christmas. I have been dreaming of a White Christmas since I was a kid. You can’t blame anyone who lives all her life in a tropical country where there is no winter or snow and where year-round temperature never goes down 80 degrees. When I was a kid, the real Christmas for me was snow, pine trees, and sleigh. Little did I know that in reality it only looks good in picture. Little did I now that it is a long, cold and bitter season.

My first White Christmas was indeed very white. It was very cold. It was bitterly cold. And I stayed all day inside the house and just looking out the window and let myself appreciate the beautiful scenery. Oh well, a one crappy day is good enough for now.

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