Monday, November 3, 2008

A safe feeder for those little guys

One of the exciting things that I love here in Maine is bird watching. I just love seeing birds frequenting our backyard. We have some birdfeeders hanging in some strategic places in our yard like the maple tree near the garage where we usually have our cook out and grilling. We also have some birdfeeders hanging near the windows where I enjoy watching the humming birds every morning having their breakfast while I am having mine too.

Bird watching is such a fun pastime for me. However, I have never realized that the lives of those little birds can be endangered when they are feeding until I saw one snatched by a bigger bird one time. It was so quick that I didn’t know how to react. The poor little guy didn’t even realize the fate he had and it was already too late for him to fly away. It was such a sad scene. Aside from the big birds around, most of the time, the chipmunks and its cousin squirrels are ransacking the feeder leaving nothing for the poor little birds to eat.

One time when I was searching in the internet I came across with and found out about squirrel-proof bird feeders. These high quality birdfeeders are what we need in our backyard so that those birds will keep coming and won’t be threatened by those other prying creatures that don’t only share their food but take those poor little birds as food too.

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