Friday, October 31, 2008

The Happy Hunter

Hubby is an avid deer hunter. He loves his rifles [the real ones], his bow and arrows, his ATV, his hunting gear and clothes and all his hunting trophies [those deer heads that he had stuffed, he has 3 of them]. He takes care of all his hunting stuff. But for some reason he lost his binocular. He needs it when he goes hunting. It is one of the essential hunting gears that a hunter must have.

While surfing the net I found this Nikon ATB Promotion and told him about it. He was happy about it and got himself a new binocular. And he is more than happy too because he also got 50$ value of promotional gift-card from Nikon ProGear which he could use to get other hunting gears that he likes for free.

So if your hubby is a hunter too, go tell him about this because I know, when Hubby is happy… wifey is happy too.

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