Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Wise Life's Decision

Our neighbor passed away last month. It was not really a big surprise considering that she was terminally ill. Life is tough and there are lots of uncertainties that whether we like it or not… we have to accept them. Death is one.

Both of my parents have passed away and I still miss them a lot. It was tough when my father died because my mom was also sick that time. And when my Dad died, he has no life insurance so we only depended on people’s donations to pay his funeral service and other expenses. Though we were able to get a small amount of money from his burial insurance which was a benefit from his SSS, it was not enough either.

This may sound morbid but the loss of a loved one is something inevitable. In these tough times, we need to make sure that our loved ones are also protected and well taken care of when it’s time for us to leave. That is why insurance is very important nowadays. With NAA Life, American’s top source for mortgage life insurance, a mortgage insurance is not just a piece of paper… it is a peace of mind. And with NAA Life’s mortgage protection insurance you are sure that your family will be protected from all the financial problems that they may encounter when you are gone.

Let’s be real. This may really sound sad or others may even think it's pathetic but… this is the truth. The peace of mind one needs is not for the dead… but for the living.

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