Wednesday, October 15, 2008

between a TV set and the bathroom

My Saturday was really a blast, though I am still looking forward to go to Cathedral Ledge. After Maya's Ballet Class, we went to Shop N Save to buy some groceries for lunch. We planned to cook sinigang na baboy”. It took us only about half an hour to buy our groceries because Medy was rushing us [she needed to pee].

Yup, you know what I mean. Medy had that overpowering urge to go to the bathroom that moment so we need to cut our shopping short so we can get out of the store pronto. Medy was already walking like she was doing a salsa dance steps on our way to the parking lot so we needed to run and get in the car quick.

Good thing the traffic was smooth and we trekked the road nice and easy though a little bit faster than we should because… you know. As we turned the corner, Medy saw this TV and TV table on the side of the road and she stopped. And guess what… Medy forgot all about her going-to-the-bathroom-quick dilemma because of that one piece of paper pasted on the TV set… FREE TV.

So we got out of the car and stayed there for 5 more minutes, trying to figure out how we can put the TV and the TV table in the car. We had few more minutes of discussions and Medy was totally obsessed with the free TV. Oh well, as a supportive friend… I helped her clear the back of her SUV and Richard [Medy’s friend who lives next door where we found the TV set and table] loaded the TV for her.

Now, Maya has a new TV so we can watch other TV programs other than cartoons. Good Job Medy. [Oh, BTW… she did go to the bathroom when we got home but went back again to get the TV table afterwards]

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