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Paying Forward is Cool

This has been long over-due. I received a comment from my new friend Karen about the award that she gave for the coolest blogs she ever knows. And she picked the Carpenter’s WIFE’s tool box [this blog] as one of them. I am so honored. And I am so posting now to recognize such kind gesture. Thanks Karen and Gerard Zemek for the trust. I really appreciate it guys.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward.

I have been blogging for more than 3 years now and somehow I encountered, met and befriended a lot of people online… both bloggers and sploggers alike. I was even called and accused as a SPLOGGER at one point by another know-it-all-and-I-am-better-than-you-Dude kinda blogger and that it almost ruined my desire and passion for writing. Good thing there are kind and understanding bloggers in this cyber-nation who encouraged me to go on and just ignore her. And so I did. I took their advice and the result… 9 blogs and counting… hahahahaha.

Now it’s my turn to pick the coolest blogs that give me inspiration... blogs that I often find another breathing space aside from what I already have… blogs that also serve as my [other] REFUGE… blogs that I consider my [other] cup of Tea.

And THE COOLEST BLOG AWARDS GO TOO... [Drumroll please!]

It’s a Beautiful Life by Mj
English Karadjaw by Soy
The Joys of Simple Life by Bechai
Treasure Hunting by Kalilea
Conversation with Self by Len
Life in a Northwest Town by Weng
My Life and Thoughts by Annette
Angel in the Sickroom by Edgar
Priests by Fr. Jessie
Opinionated Pinoy by Pchi

I don’t know if you guys are the kind of blogger who likes tags and meme, I don’t mind at all if you don't feel like doing the tag. Trust me I won't get hurt. I don’t want to oblige you to do the same if you don’t feel like it because I believe that the essence of paying forward is no longer cool if you are pressured to do it just for the sake of keeping the ball rolling. But anyway if you like to do it and pay it forward and award it to other blogs... here are the rules…

The rules are quite simple;
1. You pick ten people and pass this award to them.
2. Then contact them and let them know that you have chosen them and their blogs for the award.
3. Also link back to the person who gave you the award.

There you go guys. Thanks for sharing your blogs with me. You all deserved the award. I wish the list would be longer because, trust me there are more cool blogs that I want to add to the list.

BTW: You can also grab and copy the logo to add to your blog to display. It's your trophy, anyway. Love you Guys.


Len said…
HI Ruthi. I'm so touched...and honoured. Thanks for the award. It's the first ever award I've received after receiving my Toastmasters Pin, hehehe. You're so kind. Sorry haven't been reading much blogs. Been really busy lately...but I will I promise. I will catch up on your blogs. Take care.
betchai said…
hi ruthi, thanks so much for the award. i do appreciate it, and also, thanks for your concern about the feelings of other bloggers on tags and keeping the ball rolling, you are one sensitive blogger, very understanding of everyone's feelings and outlook on blogging. hope you're enjoying the fall still dear friend, or has winter come early there already?
Thanks for the award, I started blogging simply for the reason that Iwant to express my insights and especially my feelings. this was recommended to me by my spiritual director. I have kept my life journals before for my private notes before. When I have the internet access last year because my present assignment give me the opportunity for internet connection unlike my last assignment that put me in internet isolation, I decided to start to post my journal to the internet. I thought before that It will not be noticed because the traffic was not that huge. Anyway, thank you for appreciating me and my blog. More power! God Bless You!!!
elow po!

I'm really touched and happy that you would give me such an award. Although I don't think I deserve such an award dahil my blog is only full of rants hehehe.

But once again thank you and more power to you and your 9 blogs and counting, hehehe.

Have a great week!
pchi said…
i am so honored to receive this award from you

kaka-pressure :-)

thank you so much. let's keep blogging!
Soy said…
Hi Ruthi! Thanks for the award. It's great to know that someone 'believes' my blog is cool! Wow! I would like to post about it later, when I figure out how to grab the award (hehe). I'm still nursing a bad cold so I'll drop by again in a few days. Thanks! :)

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