Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Missing Hubby’s Snore

Hubby did not come home the other night. He spent the night at his new project site in New Hampshire. It was the very first time [since we got married in July of 2007] that I slept on our bed – alone. I never realized it was hard to sleep without him by my side. I was kinda used to his snoring and for some strange reason I have to admit, his snore makes me fall asleep.

So I was awake the whole night because I can’t hear him snore. Now I understand what he meant when he said… I can’t sleep… when one time I attempted to sleep in the other bedroom because he pissed me off over something I can’t even remember now. Now I understand why he can’t sleep, if I was not beside him despite the fact that he is always bitching about my snoring too. Now I understand why couples are such crazy people.


pchi said...

haha :-)

that is strange... but think it's good in a way

makes u miss him once in a while

like a feeling check

ruthinian said...

hahaha. you will know what i mean when you get married. you'll see. wink*